6 Easy Grocery Store Hacks that Will Save you a Ton of Money

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Easy Grocery Store Hacks

You don’t have to be an extreme couponer to save a ton of cash at the grocery store.  Check out these easy grocery store hacks that you can start using IMMEDIATELY to save some real money.

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Nothing Says “Adulting” Like Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is one of the worst tasks you have to deal with as an adult. Busy stores, lots of money spent, definitely not my idea of a good time. (Which is also why you will find me using Walmart’s grocery pickup service most weeks!) But let’s face it, we all need to eat. Having the need to feed our bodies is simply a fact of life, which means grocery shopping is also a fact of life. Many families are living paycheck to paycheck and need to find a way to budget for the grocery bill.  I wanted to share some hacks that will help you save money on your next grocery bill.

Quick and Easy Grocery Store Hacks

Avoid Tempting Aisles

We all know the one, or two, grocery store aisles that tempt us to buy things we don’t need. Whether it’s the candy aisle, chip aisle or another aisle in the store, do your best to avoid tempting aisles as you venture through the grocery store.

Make a List Before You Go

The best way to save a ton of money at the grocery store is to make a list and actually bring it with you. Force yourself to have tunnel vision. Only look at your grocery list and find the necessary items on that list. Do not make eye contact with any other food or drink product. Don’t fall for the seasonal display or attractive end-cap products.  They are there with the sole purpose of trying to tempt you to purchase! If it’s not on your list, DO NOT BUY IT.

Shop Smart with Meat

When opting to buy meat for family meals, try to be smart about how you shop for meat. A whole chicken will feed multiple people at a lower cost than boneless chicken breast. Bone-in meat options will also be more cost-effective than boneless meat options. Some stores will markdown meat that is close to its sell-by date. Take advantage of the markdowns and freeze whatever you will not use by the sell-by date.

Use Coupons (Paper AND Digital)

With technology being a huge part of our everyday lives, take advantage of online and digital coupons. There are many grocery stores that now have coupon options that can be scanned at checkout. Coupon clipping takes a serious time investment and if you don’t have that kind of time, take advantage of store loyalty card discounts, eCoupons like Ibotta, etc.

Shop the Store Perimeter First

When venturing inside your grocery store with your grocery shopping list, try to stick to the perimeter of the store. Most meats, produce, and other necessities are located around the outer layer of every grocery store. This will help you avoid temptations and make sure you stay focused on food needs versus wants.

Avoid “Sales”

It can be very tempting to buy 10 yogurts for $5 when there’s a huge sign that says it’s a deal and you can save money. The thing is that you may not need or eat those 10 yogurts. Avoid sales that really don’t benefit your actual food needs.

Small Changes in Shopping Habits Will Add Up!

These are just a few grocery store hacks that will save you a lot of money. What are your best tips for easy ways to save money on your grocery bill?  Leave me a comment with your suggestions!

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Easy Grocery Store Hacks

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