5 Reasons Walmart Grocery Pickup is a Terrible Idea + Extensive Review

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Update: This post was originally written in late 2019. Here we are almost 4 years later and I am still a frequent Walmart grocery picker-upper. I bounce back and forth between Giant and Walmart for grocery pickup and place at least 2 orders at Walmart every month.

Original post:

About a year ago, Walmart launched their brand new Grocery Pickup Service. Over the months that followed, they began to roll out this service to most of the company’s Super Centers nationwide. As the Walmart Grocery Pickup service continued to expand, I remember scrolling through various social media posts where comments touted anyone who might use this shopping options as “lazy!” and “SMH why are people too lazy to get out of their cars?!” and “THIS IS WHY THERE IS AN OBESITY EPIDEMIC!” and yes of course, the inevitable, “sad that people don’t even know how to shop like normal anymore.” Those are just some highlights.  The threads went on and on, as they tend to do.

Walmart Grocery Review and Coupon

Walmart Grocery Pickup Review

So…. back in March, I decided to try it out for myself.

The first order turned into a second order. Before I knew it, I was placing weekly grocery orders at Walmart and I’m going to tell you right now: this is easily one of the most convenient services I have ever used. Today I picked up my weekly order with Landon, and as I drove off in less than 5 minutes with a whole trunk full of fresh food, I rolled some of those negative comments I shared above back through my mind.

And here’s what I decided.  There are definitely some reasons you should never EVER even think about using Walmart’s Grocery Pickup.  I mean, like NEVER.  It would be disastrous. 

Here are my top 5 reasons that using this service might be a terrible decision for you:

You hate convenience. You can place your Walmart Grocery Pickup order 24/7 via website or on their app. Running low on something?  Use the handy barcode scanner in the app to add the product right to your cart.

walmart barcode scanner

You hate the ability to customize things to your personal preference.  Once you make your list and add it to your cart on the site or the app, you can choose which items you are willing to accept substitutes for if they are out of stock. If there is an item that you are very brand-partial to, simply uncheck the substitute option next to it.  Oh, and when an item is out of stock and you have allowed a substitution? Walmart shoppers will look for a similar product and add that to your order. You have final say and can accept or reject any substitution either on the app or when you pick up your order.

You hate saving time. When you use Walmart’s Grocery Pickup service, someone else does your shopping for you.  So while you’re doing something else – working, watching your kiddo score a goal in soccer, grabbing a latte at Starbucks, someone else is navigating the store. You won’t need to deal with other shoppers, you won’t need to wait in the checkout line, you won’t even have to get out of your car.

Landon Starbucks

You hate free stuff. Walmart’s Grocery Pickup service is FREE!  FREE!!  Yes, you must spend a minimum of $35 on your order. But let’s face it, most weeks I’m at $35 before I even leave the produce aisle. Other stores charge all sorts of “convenience” fees to shop for you. Walmart’s service won’t cost you a cent.

Sometimes you even get FREEBIES!!  I got a bag of free samples on my first trip and have gotten a couple other freebies since then.

walmart freebies

You love dragging your kids into the grocery store. Enough said.

Okay, so I guess you get the drift.  I flipping love this service from Walmart.  This post is 100% UNsponsored, by the way.

Not only has this service saved me SO MUCH TIME, it has eliminated a big looming chore right out of our always-busy weeks. I simply schedule our Walmart pickup around a time when I know we are either free or (more often) when I know we’ll be heading home and passing by Walmart.  For example, last week I scheduled our pickup between 5-6 pm because I knew that on that night, Landon had ice skating lessons until 5:30 pm.  By 5:45 pm we are always driving past Walmart on our way home.  That night, we left the rink, pulled into Walmart, had an employee load our entire grocery order for the week ahead (an order that WE DIDN’T HAVE TO SHOP FOR) into the back of my car.

So simple.  So convenient.

One of my favorite uses of Walmart’s Grocery pick up so far?  Placing a big order for pickup the day we are leaving town on a camping trip. I can use all of my spare time and energy packing or doing some other trip prep.  None of that precious time has to be wasted spending an hour or more rounding up everything we need at the grocery store. I pick up my order the morning of our trip (or night before, depending on how early we are hitting the road) and I pull in the driveway and load the groceries right into our camper. How’s that for easy?! Grocery pickup before traveling is a game-changer.

Don’t forget – it’s Walmart. You can pickup more than just food. Toiletries running low?  Sunscreen needed for the beach? Batting helmet and baseballs required for your new t-baller? Done and done.

Coppertone Sunscreen Stick

Walmart Pickup

Okay.  I might try it. How exactly does this whole thing REALLY work?

It’s really really (really) simple.

Head to Walmart or download the app.

Add your desired items to your cart and choose your pickup time.  Sometimes if you order early enough in the day, there are some same-day pickup times available for that afternoon or evening. If not, you can usually get your order as soon as the next day.

Check out.

Day of pickup:

Walmart will text you and email you when your order is ready.  If you have downloaded the app, you will get a notification.

Walmart Order Ready

Check in on the app to let Walmart know that you are on your way.  If you do not have the app, you will see a phone number to call when you arrive.  Call the number and let them know you are waiting.

Waiting for Walmart

Enjoy life as your order is brought to your car and loaded into your trunk. The website states that no tip is necessary. Make sure you thank the employee though because, like, human decency and all that!

Walmart Grocery Pickup

Head home and put those groceries away!  The groceries that you DIDN’T have to shop for!  How satisfying!

Groceries in Car

Walmart Groceries on Porch

Have you tried this service yet?  If so, what did you think?  If not and you’re ready to try it, get shopping (online! In your pajamas if you so desire!)!


Walmart Grocery Pickup is a Terrible Idea + Extensive Review & Coupon

48 thoughts on “5 Reasons Walmart Grocery Pickup is a Terrible Idea + Extensive Review”

  1. I have used this service after trying cub foods (Minnesota) that charges 3 fees. I LOVE it. I still mainly shop cub (Physically, myself) but will use Walmarts service when I have no time and need to send the hubby. He could never get a tiny shopping list right. Now with Walmart pick-up, he hasn’t messed up once! You are 100% right about everything you said. Upgrades all the time, and you can’t get them to accept a tip. I really want to know if this is added hours for the employees, or if it’s another job they too don’t have time to do. I would shop this way more if I knew I wasn’t pushing someone else over the edge with “having to do the shopping”.

    • They just substituted 100 count pill bottle at 6 cents each for 225 count pills at 4 cents each. Not exactly good for me now is it? Pay 50% more ain’t an upgrade.

    • They have specific employees that onlydo this job. Yep, that’s their job to do everyone else’s shopping for them, so they’re not getting pulled away from their other duties to shop, that is their duty at Wal-Mart.

  2. Shheeesus how much of a discount are they giving you for that load of junk? In your trunk or backseat…wherever?
    I’ll tell you right here and now, yours as stated above is not the common experience. You are, good lady, the exception to the rule.
    Indeed, enjoy it while it lasts. It’ll be a faded memory before you even have a chance to recognize it. .
    All the best to you. You might need it~~

    • LOLOL!! I hate to break the news to you, but I have been using this service for 2 years now, pretty much weekly. Not a single issue. I LOVE IT!! Also, I wasn’t paid a dime for this post. :)

      • Service seems to depend upon the store location.
        Rolla, MO they are frequently out of stock on items I want either at time I place order or by time they pick it for me. I used to think it was as management issue but I realize it most likely is the times we live in; shipping problems globally
        Recommend you don’t place an order within a couple days before or after a winter storm forecast. Common to have 90 minutes plus wait even if text says groceries are ready.
        Everything else spot on. Great service.

        • That’s 90 minutes close to storm. Otherwise, 15-30 minutes norm, depending upon how many workers are out with Covid or other reasons.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Bruised produce, incorrect items (pork chops instead of chicken – how does that even happen?), meat 7 minutes away from expiring, curdled milk in the summer…… I kept trying it because Covid makes me want to hibernate but it isn’t worth the hassle. Each time I’d have to go to go out a second time to pickup missing items and replace the weird, unnoted substitutions. I also never got my order brought out in less than 25 minutes and shopping at my regular store takes 30 minutes so it wasn’t saving me any time. I tried Walmart grocery pickup 8 times between May and December, 2020. Not a single positive experience.

      • That really stinks! Sounds like your store really needs to get on the ball. We have used Walmart pickup since I wrote this post – so 3 years or so – and our store is fantastic. Have had maybe 3 issues with produce freshness in about 70 orders. I received immediate refunds for each issue reported.

      • I was trying to figure out how to post a comment in general and couldn’t.. but I just had to put this out there. I have endless reasons to avoid this service. 1. even though I canceled my free trial they charge me for the year. Diligently waited for the end of the year so I didn’t renew… They got me again. There are no refunds. 2. My groceries often and get delivered to my neighbors . Their solution is for me to go next door and get them. They deliver 30 plus minutes before your time frame (that you chose for a reason). They leave my groceries in the blazing Sun often. There must not be substitution training either. I ordered two individual kiwis. They didn’t have them so they replaced it with two bulk packages of kiwis totaling 4 lb!! 3. Some of their delivery drivers are heavy smokers. When you are a non-smoker That’s a big problem. 4. I have had more than one delivery from a person who is miserable with some type of cold or flu. 5. Grocery delivery notifications come The day of delivery plus three more days. Multiple per day. I can say they do refund my items melted from sitting in the sun from delivered early. The fact that that is a “positive” comment is sad. Then I have to place another order for them to be replaced. The grocery online chat is very polite and apologetic. For signing up for a free trial, canceling in time and still being charged for the year. TWICE, It is more trouble than it is worth. They charge you for The year regardless . And you’re stuck with it. The program needs a lot of work.

    • And…Here we are January 2022 and it still works fine.
      I don’t even really get your point. Much of friggin nonsense.

    • I believe the ability to do this is location dependent. As one with 6 kids, I used to rely on the grocery pick up option when I lived on the other side of town from where I live now. The Destin Walmart knew exactly what they were doing, they were always ready on or before time, and I didn’t have to wait long. We moved to the other end of town and I used the Panama City Beach Walmart (they have two. I used the one not on Front Beach Rd first) – talk about issues!!! There were times I would put my order in for a pick up slot, arrive at the pick up slot, and they would tell me it’s not ready. No problem…until I waited OVER FOUR HOURS, complained, and had to seriously blow my top before a “manager” informed me they hadn’t even STARTED my order. I went home with NO ORDER. I wasn’t the only one experiencing this issue here either – while I was there, three others were the same. This wasn’t my first issue with them, but it was the last. Never again. We have 5 Walmarts in my area – only 2 are capable of doing Walmart pick up – but you have to schedule pick up FOUR days out and by then inventory has completely changed and half the order is substituted or not delivered at all. Ugh.
      The most recent issue is the integration of the grocery and main online website. I HATE IT

  3. Since COVID, I’ve tried lots of curbside pickup options. Best Buy, excellent. OfficeMax/OfficeDepot, excellent. Walmart, absolutely terrible. They have to “pickup” their game. Horrible app, horrible customer experience. Plus, I’m doing InstaCart grocery delivery. Excellent option.

    • Awww, that’s a shame! I’m sorry to hear that the experience is falling short for you. We still use the Walmart pickup weekly and it’s almost always a seamless process. Happy to hear that Instacart is working well!

  4. I use it every week. And it’s NOT laziness. They willingly offer this service as a courtesy and also it gets them a lot of repeat customers. I buy everything I need at Walmart bc it saves me from going to multiple stores. Another advantage for me personally is to prevent impulse buying of items I don’t need. Walking through the store, I might be shopping for food and supplies then end up leaving with a pair of shoes, a new coat or a frying pan!! I love it and if you’re on the fence, go ahead and try it. There’s really nothing to lose.

  5. Have used this service for the last 2 years, have had great service and quality merchandise, never damaged. Usually substitutes are upgrades.
    Hope they keep this service, have a bad back and saves me from lifting it all twice.

  6. I love Walmart pickup but for some reason I cannot order toothpaste.
    It’s only available to be mailed to me but I cannot order it in the app for pickup.
    Do you know the reason why this would be?

    • I have recently noticed that Walmart is really pushing for some products in my grocery cart to be shipped instead of included in my pickup order! I’m not sure why they are doing this. Interesting that for you it’s specifically toothpaste. Will it let you order ANY brand/type of toothpaste for pickup or none? Is there any chance it’s a wacky state law having to do with specific health products? (Every once in awhile when I try to order say, a certain vitamin or medicine, it will say the item is not allowed to be ordered for pickup.)

  7. Enjoyed your post. I’ve used grocery pick-up as soon as it started. Many, many, many different experiences.
    Btw. I’m not lazy. It’s a very great service to many of person’s especially, disabled.
    That being said… I can’t even list the positives on some substitutions. But I’ve had instances where I’ve missed parts of my order, received someone else’s order, waited over an hour 2-3 times.
    Then the app updated. Caused my debit card to be cancelled because of fraud alert. Now, I don’t even know how to use the service anymore.
    I’ve attempted contacting customer service, it’s outsourced to some call centers in God knows where.
    Not US?
    Not a Debbie Downer but what Sam Walton created is now not American friendly.
    It’s been since September, I think and maybe I’ll lose weight because going into a grocery store hasn’t,isn’t an option. I’ve tried….after my disabilities affect my walking, vision sensory, processing overload…end up in tears and people have no clue wth is wrong with me. It’s horribly embarrassing.
    Cheers to hopefully getting back to understanding how to just do grocery pick-up without so many issues.
    Apologies if this is long and it confusing but it’s caused me many issues .
    Walmart customer service from an English speaking person might help.

  8. In the beginning it was awesome!!!! Here lately everything seems to be out of stock or it isnt ready on time. I think they are realizing people aren’t spending as much money ordering online as they would by coming in. I know I have saved alot of money by ordering online only what I need. When I go in I see so many extra things I want. But they definitely need to step up their game and get it back to the way it was when they 1st started.

  9. It really must vary from store to store. I use the service about once a month because I am disabled and shopping is very difficult for me. And I will say that I love almost everything about it. Except for one thing…. I seem to consistently have the issue of receiving poor quality items. Produce is the worst. Several times I have received produce that literally is starting to rot. Just the other day I ordered fresh spinach. What I was given was past pull date and turning slimy. Also, I’ve been given many other type items past pull date….one time I bought a bag of tortilla chips. When I opened them, they had a rancid smell. I checked the pull date, and they were 3 MONTHS past pull date! Why is something like that even still in the store?!
    Anyway, it’s becoming a real concern for me. I can’t help but think that the pickers at my store are being told to pull old products when doing pick up orders. It’s happening too consistently to just be a fluke.
    Other than that, it’s great. I get my order consistently brought out within just a few minutes, and the people that do it are all so great, I wish they were allowed to accept tips.

    • Wow, that must vary store to store. One of the things I LOVE about pickup is that requesting a refund is hassle free. Log on to your account select the order you just unpacked at home and get your money back for any item that isn’t up to snuff. No going into the store with the bad item to wait in line to prove its bad, just click ‘damaged item’ or ‘expired product’ or ‘unsatisfactory substitution’ there are other options in the pull down but I can’t remember them. I have never had issues getting my money back, typically same day, if there is ever a problem. My store does have a bad track record with grapes, but if I wouldn’t have put it in my cart in store, but it ended up in my trunk… hassle free satisfaction guarantee.

    • I actually worked at Walmart for a bit. So, I highly doubt the pickers are being told to pick old products. However, pickers have to fulfill orders within a certain time and are incentivized to find all the items (So, they give you old spinach instead of leaving spinach out of the order).

    • That’s something you should bring up with the FDA. That is an individual store mismanagement problem. Not a Walmart problem. My husband, before he retired, managed a major chain grocery store in Florida. Part of his job was to make sure things like that did not happen in his individual store. It was his butt, not corporates. He was in charge of quality control. He kept his store in pristine condition and never once had any problems like that. He was hands on and did not sit in the ivory tower while others worked.

  10. I’m not so happy with walmarts curbside pickup, as they have charged my account twice, when I had only put in one order.. my total was $327. 67, which they took out, with an additional $288.89.. no answer from walmart as to why this happened, so I canceled my ONE order, but left for 7 days with a $600 hold on my bank account! Fun fact: they also double charged my account a couple years ago, right before Christmas, the cashier had me scan my debit card twice, she said the first time didn’t take! I’m done with Wal-Mart, there is no reason for this headache to happen, on two separate occasions!

  11. Lazy? I am not. Unable to walk the store? I am disabled. At 78 years of age I do my shopping using the pickup method. I have learned to not shop on Sundays for pickup. Maybe even Mondays. Restocking the store that day. By then they may be out of a lot of your favorite items. Makes sense right? Most people shop on weekends. I do tip the young kids who bring my groceries to my car. I know Walmart says not to. But they are trying to make a living. If it was my kid I would appreciate the kindness of someone doing that.

  12. I love the Walmart pickup service. I have been using for some time, but have been without a car for several months and this service has saved me from asking friends from waiting unknown amounts of time for me to go inside, shop and wait for me to check out. They simply drive up, let them know they are there and pick it up. If I go with them, they first have to drive several miles to pick me up and then go back for us to pick up my order. They also use curbside pickup, to grab my meds for me. Do I get substitutions for stuff on occasion, yes but a lot of times it’s a better option then what I chose, sometimes through my own fault for overlooking it. They’ve substituted pizza on my list before with a crust option that I thought I would dislike but kept it, and turns out, was a whole lot better than I thought. I do understand the complaints about many of the stores but that of course depends on the area they’re in, but those same stores or going to be dreadful to go into and shop for yourself too. I use to work at Walmart, issues with so many stores are due to management and how they choose to run their stores. I personally was at a store that went through many managers, one of our first and the one with the longest tenure was the best, he ran a tight ship but in a friendly atmosphere not one that the employees were afraid to make even the slightest mistake, he was always great to explain what should have been done instead and made sure you knew why. Mgrs after that were never the same as our store turned into a teaching store for mgrs and most had no clue what they were suppose to do.

  13. I tried the pickup three times now. All three times an item was missing from my order. Missing, meaning they charged me for it, but didn’t load it in the car. I caught the missing items the first two times and was able to call Walmart after I got home for a refund. The third time I missed it, and paid $18 for two marketside pizzas they didn’t put in my car. The convenience is great but it’s not worth the ripoff at my local Walmart.

  14. Try ordering produce. Most of their “shoppers” don’t know how to shop. I hope you like dented….VERY dented….cans. I bought an 18 pack of eggs one time. 5 were broken. the rest had dried egg and shell where customers had swapped them from other cartons. The “shopper” didn’t bother to look in the carton.
    This started off being great. Then after about 6 months I started seeing the same issues Walmart has had since they have been in business, and that’s the lack of quality employees. From the trainers to the store people, every time the company starts something pretty good, on paper, it gets to the store and goes to crap. The delivery service I was getting was coming from a contracted service, which had a lot to be desired so after 7 months I cancelled my yearly subscription. I tried it, it went sour. I will use the pickup from time to time, but am working on a different option which is looking pretty good.

  15. Since June I have consistently been having issues when items on my orders are not in stock and told at time of p/u or delivery. Walmart authorizes the charges and the authorizations do not drop from our banks for a week for the missing items and if it is on the new Healthy Benefits Plan From United Health Care , funds are not credited for 10+ days plus if they are at all . Walmart should not do this. They should charge when they ship or process the correct payment minus items missing the moment the order gets delivered or prepared for pick up. Such an inconvenience and not to mention the time on the phone for this happening now all the time.

  16. What a great post! I love not having to go into the store. Several times in my life living in an isolated home on large acreage, I’d not gone anywhere in a couple of weeks. But my wife would ask me to do the shopping so I’d go to the store. Right after I’d come down with the flu. In one case it was very severe and I was extremely sick. And now Covid. So I’m very happy to not go in the store anymore. I used to enjoy talking to people in the store, that was the good part. Standing in a long checkout line was not fun. And the self check-out, you have to be very careful as Walmart has been having people arrested that they “think” are trying to scam the self-checkout, and in some cases they were wrong. There are stories online about Walmart’s over use of the police when a person makes a simple error at the self-checkout. So Grocery Pickup is for me. If they ever do away with it, I will be very sad.

  17. I waited for close to an hour for one item to be brought out. The workers who deliver items to the cars walk at about 1 foot a second. I left, never received the item. I order it for delivery from Walmart, go to cancel the in-store pickup order and I see I must “request” a cancellation (gee, I hope I get permission). I request this cancellation, never get it. Out of curiosity, I check to see if I’ve been charged for this item (which has proven impossible to pick up). Sure enough, I have – a huge deviation in my experience with online shopping and in-store pickup. Now I get to call my credit card company to challenge the charge.

    I will never, ever attempt to use this service again and I’m not an idiot for thinking this way. All hail the the brave new world with its lack of nuance and honesty and its increase in samethink and astroturfing.

  18. I been using the pickup service for 2 years now and never had an issue that wasn’t immediately resolved. Missing or damaged items have been refunded immediately through the app. I do have a rule that the groceries are not put up until I check them against my order/receipt to not overlook damaged or missing items.

  19. I fully identify with a lot of what I just read. Started using pickup at Walmart when the COVID mess hit. It was great (other than not being able to look at the produce). On time delivery to the car at pickup, correct items, courteous staff.

    Well, all good things must end, I guess. At some point, long wait times began to occur. The final disaster finally occurred a year or so back. I had a scheduled pickup time of 730 PM. Since I was in the area, I decided to wait. At some point after 730, I received a text saying the order would be delayed. This was on a saturday evening. After locating the “manger”, he basically said “sorry about that, but I had 8 people that didn’t show up for work this morning”. As a finishing touch to the conversation, he said that he was unaware of this until about an hour before (about 6 PM).

    Let’s look at that a moment; he was supposedly “managing” a department in which 8 people didn’t show up that morning, and he knew nothing about until 6 PM???? This idiot was NOT a manager, he was a place-holder for a manager. But the story gets better.

    I was told that, yes, I would be able to pick up the order but it would be later that evening. So I drove 10 miles home. At around 8:30 or so, I received at text that the order was ready, so I drove 10 miles back to the store. After clicking that I was “HERE” on my phone and an extended wait, I finally called the number listed on the signs in the waiting area. A lady came out and told me that, sorry, they would not be able to deliver the order that night. It would have to wait until the next day (Sunday). So I drove 10 miles back home.

    On my way home, I received a text from walmart stating that my order had been picked up. Huh?

    The next day, I received another text that the order was ready. So I drove 10 miles back to Walmart, picked up the order, drove 10 miles back home, and decided then and there that my pickup business with Walmart was done, for good.

    Recently, I read that Walmart had staffing shortages and that they had begun to move various untrained, unqualified people from warehouse positions into management positions. That pretty much identified the problem for me.

    Now I find that many items I want to buy are now listed on the app as delivery-only. I don’t want delivery, I want to go to Walmart and buy it. To add insult to injury I’ve noticed that, in many cases, after forcing customers to order instead of buy, the price for the item is up to THREE TIMES what is at Kroger or previously at Walmart.

    Sam Walton created one of the most impressive marketing systems in the world, and it is a crying shame to see it slowly destroyed by idiots.

  20. HORRIBLE! I waited for over an hour for my pick up of just fertilizer and cat food … Walmart kept saying they are coming, be right out, they never came… I finally went into the store and found out they gave my order to someone else 45 minutes ago. I could have shopped and been home in the time I waited, for nothing. The person who has my yard fertilizer and cat food probably lives in an apartment that doesn’t allow cats! Never again will I use Walmart pick up.

  21. I have to say maybe not everyone will have a great experience. I myself have not had a disappointing one yet, the few times my order has been “messed” up has been in my favor. They were out of the cheap parent choice diapers i usually get, they gave me pampers in place of them for the parent choice price. Plus gave me 2 packs instead of one, saved me from having to buy diapers for a week. Then today i got a 10lb bag of sugar i didn’t even order. Which means now next week i wont need sugar. I feel for the person who was suppose to get it, however i do know from experience walmart will correct it. I do recommend food lion pickup too though. Yes they do charge a 1.99 fee for orders over 35 and 3.99 for orders under, however they can have things ready quicker than walmart. My only complaint is the time frame sometimes.

  22. Literally the greatest thing ever!! I recently tried the home delivery – I’m hooked! I will happily pay them a little bit more (Walmart+ membership and a delivery driver tip) when our days are so crazy busy driving kids all over the place!

    Do they make mistakes, yup! But can I forgive that for a service where I don’t have to shop? Heck yes I can!

    Pro tip: I ALWAYS choose the first time slot because that means your stuff gets shopped for first. As the day goes on things run out and you end up with more substitutes… and as long as you pick up my days end, they don’t care!

    Happy online shopping friends!!

  23. This post made me laugh because it’s SO TRUE!! I absolutely love Walmart pick up order. I use it weekly to save time and my sanity! I agree with you, so convenient for when we are heading out on camping trips (or any other trips as I’ve used it out of state before too!) I do go into a different grocery store at times to get sale items or things I forget and can’t add it to my order ;)

  24. I can give you some ideas why I do not use pick up at any store. Having medical problems and allergies. What I have heard from people is that if ordering meat you will get meat with a lot of fat. Too much problems with getting the exact item you want.
    No Pick up will never be on my list. Tried it once and it was a total disaster. The food I ordered wasn’t even in the pick up order. No I will buy my groceries my self. Then I know my family is getting what I want.
    I went to the store I use about every 3 or 4 months and bought $850 of groceries for $500. Using store coupons and discounted items. Almost couldn’t fit everything in the car.

  25. Been using Walmart and other grocery store pickup and delivery service. My only issue is my last two orders from Walmart included items given to me by mistake, which means someone else is going to notice missing items when they get home. Then I end up disposing of them because it’s something neither I or other family members eat. Walmart may need to start labeling each bag with the customers names like the other grocery stores to prevent from happening, it’s wasteful.


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