DIY Harry Potter Felt Bookmark Tutorial

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Muggles, gather your craft supplies!  We are going to show you how to make a super awesome DIY Harry Potter Felt Bookmark in this simple tutorial.

DIY Harry Potter Bookmarks

DIY Harry Potter Felt Bookmark Tutorial

No matter what Hogwart’s house you might belong to (I’m a Ravenclaw!), this DIY Harry Potter Felt Bookmark craft is sure to be a hit with any HP fan. What’s more iconic than Harry’s lightning bolt scar, black rimmed glasses and the yellow/burgundy house colors of Gryffindor?  This craft combines them all!  There are so many times of year that this craft would be a great fit – aside, of course, from just celebrating Harry Potter in general.

Harry Potter related dates:

May 2nd – Battle of Hogwarts
July 24th – Harry Receives His First Letter From Hogwarts
July 31st – Harry’s birthday
October 31st – Halloween (also the date Harry’s parents both died)

Whether you pick a special date, or simply decide to make this bookmark to keep your spot in your favorite HP book, the end craft is just adorable!

wizarding world of harry potter universal orlando butterbeer

Harry Potter Felt Bookmark Supplies

Kunin Felt Craft Cuts (Cream, Gold, Burgundy and Walnut)
Tombow MONO Multi Liquid Glue (Fine Tip)
Dimensional Fabric Paint (Black)
Glitter Glue (Gold)
Permanent Marker (Fine Tip)
Free printable patterns (note: these are for personal use only)

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How to Make a Harry Potter Felt Bookmark!

1. Print a copy of our HP bookmark patterns. Cut out the patterns.

2. Trace the patterns on the felt with a permanent marker (fine tip) according to directions included on pattern sheet.

Harry Potter Bookmark felt hair

3. Attach two cream circles together with glue to create the head and then attach the hair to the top of the head.

4. Use scissors to cut fringe across one end of the burgundy piece of felt.

Harry Potter Bookmark cut fringe

5. Glue Harry’s head to the top of the burgundy piece of felt.

6. Attach gold rectangles to scarf with glue. Overlap the first rectangle on the bottom of Harry’s chin, and then leave ¾” burgundy sections between each of the five remaining gold rectangles.

Harry Potter Bookmark glue scarf

7. Draw glasses on Harry’s face with black dimensional fabric paint. (Make glasses by drawing two circles, attached by a curved line.) Allow to dry.

Harry Potter Bookmark Painting Glasses

8. Use the gold glitter glue to draw Harry’s lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.  Allow to dry.

Harry Potter Bookmark gold paint

The finished bookmark looks so fantastic!  Which book will you use it on first?

DIY Felt Harry Potter Bookmark

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DIY Harry Potter Bookmark

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