Marshmallow Mummies Halloween Treat

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Marshmallow Mummies Halloween Treat

Halloween is coming and with that will be ghosts and witches and mummies (oh my!). I am always trying out new snack ideas for the inevitable school party or fall fest or other Halloween-themed event where we might need to bring a treat. I had some time this week to try out a couple of new Halloween snacks and I’m excited to share the first one with you today! Take a look at these completely adorable (not so mention SO VERY EASY TO MAKE) Marshmallow Mummies!

Marshmallow Mummies

Ingredients for Marshmallow Mummies:

Marshmallows (I used regular sized marshmallows)
White Melting Chocolate
Candy Eyeballs
Lollipop Sticks (optional)


How to make Marshmallow Mummies:

1. Arrange marshmallows next to each other on wax paper.

2. Heat chocolate melts and drizzle them over the marshmallows. (I added my melted chocolate to a sandwich bag and snipped the corner off with scissors. Then I piped the chocolate over the marshmallows.)

3. Add the candy eyeballs before the chocolate hardens. (If it hardens before you get the eyes on, just add two dots of melted chocolate and place the eyes on those dots!)

Marshmallow Mummies Snack

Marshmallow Mummy Treat

So cute!

Optional step – insert a lollipop candy stick into the bottom of each marshmallow to turn these guys into treats-on-a-stick.

Marshmallow Mummies


Marshmallow Mummies Halloween Treats
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