How to Throw the ULTIMATE Western Themed Pony Party

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How to Throw a Western Themed Pony Party

When Lily turned 4, we threw a pretty awesome western themed pony party for her birthday.  I’m dredging up this almost-5-year-old post that first appeared on my old blog and giving it a new home over here.  If you are thinking about hosting a western themed pony party, this party has lots of great inspiration for your party planning!

The location

The setting for our pony party is one of those places that you find by word-of-mouth and refuse to ever leave.  Everything Little Farm (ELF) is located in Bucks County, PA (just a smidge above Doylestown).  Run by a mother-daughter team, this farm is idyllic in many ways.  We are horse people, and we know quality horse people when we see them.  Whether I’m taking Lily to riding lessons, leadership club or dropping her off at summer camp, ELF is a nurturing, learning environment that teaches kids through age-appropriate instruction.  Ponies are a lot of work and responsibility and Lily has learned that from her first day at ELF.  I would never let Lily ride somewhere that tacks her pony up and is ready for riding upon her arrival; I want to see her brushing that pony, finding the right bridle in the tack room and leading her pony into the ring to be ridden.  ELF offers all of those things and more – so it was the perfect location for our pony party.

The food

We had an array of snacks and drinks for party guests.  We used our diy mason jar straw toppers to offer pink lemonade on ice.  These were so popular, we ran out less than halfway through the party!  I set out a mason jar with pink and brown paper straws.

Ice cold root beer rounded out our beverage selection.

Pink Lemonade Mason Jars

Lily with LemonadeRoot Beer in Glass Bottles

We served the kids and adults plenty of pizza – delivered from a local restaurant. Snacks (pretzels, tortilla chips and Pringles were served in galvanized steel buckets while dips and salsa were served in mason jars.  I made pony party ranch dip cups and served them with cups of carrot sticks.  They were a huge hit and we treated the ponies to the leftover carrots.



Ranch Dip and Carrots

Ranch Dip Cups

Pony Party Snacks

Of course, the crowning gem of our food spread was the cake and cupcakes made by a local bakery.  They made a cake for the top of the cupcake tower – pink and brown fondant with a horse on the top and a rosette flowing off the side depicting the number four.  Delicious pink and brown cupcakes dotted the levels below and many of them were topped with personalized cupcake toppers from Etsy seller  Where the Green Grass Grows (she made our personalized birthday bunting as well).

Pink and Brown Pony Cake

Pony Ribbon Cake

Pony Cupcakes

Pony Party Dessert Table

Candles on Cupcake

The activities

Our little cowpokes had ALL SORTS of things to keep them occupied throughout the party.  They started out together with some basic horse grooming instruction and overall horsemanship pointers.  After grooming the ponies it was time to walk their obstacle course on foot before attempting it on the back of a pony.

While some kids rode (and waited for their turn to ride), others completed a craft (coloring a horse-themed backpack) which was then”autographed” by one of the ponies with a hoof print. By the end of the party every child had a turn to ride and to personalize a bag.

After lunch everyone had the chance to “shop” at the General Store and then they took turns trying to crack open the pony pinata.


Grooming a Pony

Grooming Pony

Kids Jumping

Jumping Pony Jump

Lily Riding Pony

Painting Pony Hoof

Pony Hoof on Bag

Emma with Hoofprint Bag

General Store with Candy

Rainbow Lollipops

General Store Kids Candy

Pony Pinata

Breaking a Pinata

Breaking Pinata

Pinanta Candy

The favors

We had several favors on hand for our party guests.  Each child got a homemade wooden stick horse – that Bob displayed using a set of jump standards and PVC pipe with holes drilled in it.  This not only looked cute, but gave the kids a spot to keep their horses during the various party activities.

Kids also received a cowboy hat that I bought from US Toy (which many of them wore during the party) and a Blue Ribbon Cookie Jar.  Each jar was topped with a personalized blue ribbon that I ordered from Hodges Badge Company.

Stick Horses Pony Party

Pony Corral Stick Horses

Cowgirl Boots

Kids Pick Cowgirl Hats

Girls in Cowboy Hats

Blue Ribbons on Cookie Jars

Blue Ribbon Pony Cookies

So as with every party, ours was drawing to a close.  We somehow lucked out with the perfect weather and I had a smile on my face the entire day that was impossible to wipe off.  It was a wonderful party that we still talk about, even all these years later!

Kids at Pony Party


How to Throw a Western Pony Party

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