Home GPS Coordinates Wooden Sign (Silhouette Tutorial)

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Home GPS Coordinates Wooden Sign

My house is filling up quickly with all of the wooden signs that I have been making!  Some are seasonal and only stay up until the current holiday is over.  Others receive a permanent home on display somewhere in our house.

This GPS coordinates sign is up year-round.  It is definitely one of my most favorite signs to date.  My favorite thing is how personalized it is.  You can use this free GPS coordinate converter to figure out the latitude and longitude of any location on Earth that has special meaning to you.  You can choose your home, your town, the spot you were married, anything.  For this sign in particular I used our hometown, not our house because I had a feeling I’d be sharing it with the masses.

gps coordinates

Once you know the GPS coordinates you want to use, you can design your sign.

I designed my sign on Silhouette Studio software.  The “Home is wherever I’m with you” text is written in the “Sugar Plums” font.  The GPS coordinates are written in a typewriter font.

For paint color, I wanted my sign to have a chalkboard appearance.  I used the PVPP method (paint, vinyl, paint, peel) and the acrylic paint colors below:

Acrylic Paint

First I painted my piece of wood (just the front) with the light blue color.  I set the wood aside to let it dry for a bit.

While the light blue base coat was drying, I cut the design out on vinyl with my Silhouette Cameo, weeded it and used contact paper as transfer tape to lift the vinyl off of its backing.

I affixed the vinyl onto the light blue paint and then mixed some black, gray and white paint until I had my desired chalkboard look.  I painted over the front and sides of the sign with the chalkboard colored paint mix.

Before the top coat of paint dried completely, I pulled up the vinyl, leaving a fantastic blue-on-blackish appearance.

Home GPS Coordinates Wooden Sign


Home GPS Coordinates Sign Silhouette Tutorial

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