DIY Dollar Store “EVERYTHING BOX” for Your Car + Printable Shopping List

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DIY Supply Box for Car

It never fails that we’ll be out and I will need something that I either forgot to pack or never even thought to throw in the car.  I’m not talking about the usual suspects like money or my driver’s license.  Those things are usually with me.  I am talking about certain items that are really convenient to have in a time of need.  These items might include safety pins, an umbrella, a first aid kit, the list goes on!

Last year we were dropping Lily off for her annual march in a local Memorial Day Parade.  One of the other kids was having a wardrobe malfunction and her mom asked me if I had a sewing kit in my car.  I told her “no, I do not have a sewing kit in my car” to which she replied in a shocked tone, “REALLY?!  You’re always so prepared!  I figured if anyone had a sewing kit in her car, it would be YOU!”  That got me thinking. I mean sure, I’m typically prepared for our outings with things like snacks and sunscreen and such.  But as far as being super prepared for the unexpected?  NOPE!  I didn’t even have a first aid aid in my car!

We are almost always on the go.  We road trip, we camp, we are always taking the kids to their various activities.  It was high time that I put together an EVERYTHING BOX for my car.

I started with a First Aid Kit.  I put together a first aid kid using supplies from the dollar store.  You can find more details on that kit and get a free printable shopping list here.

DIY Dollar Store First Aid Kit

After I put together the first aid kit, it was time to build my EVERYTHING BOX.  I should note – we also keep a spare change of clothes for the kids in the car in a separate bag.  This occurred the day after the Unfortunate Incident with Lemonade at Medieval Times that you might have learned about on my Facebook page. Your Everything Box might vary from mine, as it’s likely that your family has different needs and preferences than mine.  This list will still give you some great starter ideas for your own.  I basically tried to think of all of those little things that at some point in time, I needed and didn’t have while we were out and about. Then I asked Bob for his wish list of things that he has been caught without and combined them.

I picked up all of these items at the dollar store.

Everything Box for Car Supplies

Car Emergency Box Supplies

Here are the items that I included in our box (see printable list below if you want a copy): 

  1. First Aid kit
  2. mesh laundry bag
  3. safety pins
  4. tablecloth
  5. napkins/paper plates/plastic utensils
  6. snack bowls
  7. ponchos
  8. umbrella
  9. screwdriver set
  10. bungee cords
  11. toiletry items
  12. electrical tape
  13. Ziploc bags (different sizes)
  14. trash bags
  15. wipes
  16. hand sanitizer
  17. tissues
  18. hair ties
  19. twine
  20. sewing kit
  21. wrench
  22. flashlight

Inside Everything Box

Supply Box for Car

Funny story – yesterday was the first time we went out and had this box in our car.  We spent the day at a horse show where Lily rode in the morning and we watched some jumping classes in the afternoon.  JUST YESTERDAY we used FOUR different things from our box that we would not have had otherwise.  We used a plastic bag to make an ice pack for a boo boo, the hand sanitizer after we realized the port-o-potty dispenser was empty, a bungee cord to secure our cooler and a snack bag in our wagon and finally a trash bag to clean up after our lunch!!

Red Mac Wagon

Here is a list that you can save and print to make your own box.  Add in or take out anything that is/is not a good fit for your family:

Everything Box Shopping List

Let me know if you end up making an Everything Box for your own car!  We have two cars but I made one box and we’ll just swap it between the two vehicles as needed.


DIY Dollar Store Everything Box

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  1. I’m looking at finally getting a van for my large family of 8 – six beautiful kids ranging in age from 7 to 20 (and then my husband & myself, of course). I have been looking through post after post on Pinterest for something just like this, and I have to say that I find your list exceptional. I really enjoyed your page and want to say a quick thank you for sharing your ideas with the rest of us! Take care and I look forward to future posts.

    • According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), hand sanitizer would have to be exposed to extreme heats (over 700 degrees Fahrenheit) in order to spontaneously combust. (From That being said, any flammable liquid should always be handled and stored with care. It is unlikely that a bottle of sanitizer would spontaneously combust in a car, but if you are worried, you can always leave that item out of your car kit.


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