Posted on August 17, 2017

PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship Toy Review

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PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship Toy Review

We have reached an incredibly exciting stage of kids’ toys over here. As Landon somehow gets ready to celebrate his 4TH BIRTHDAY, the toys that can be found in our home have a distictly “BIG KID” theme. Musical infant toys have been placed by building blocks and intricate playsets. The kids play together (YAY!) with the various toy sets and always among their very favorites are the incredibly detailed sets from PLAYMOBIL. We now own a whole bunch of PLAYMOBIL playsets including the mansion, fire station, a fairytale set and the school house and school bus. We recently had the opportunity to check out the new PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship and I wanted to share our experience with you!

PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship Toy Review

The PLAYMOBIL Cruise Ship just hit store shelves this past spring. It retails for $99.99 and is recommended for ages 6+. (Yes, Landon is on the younger side for PLAYMOBIL sets, but he plays with them under the supervision of his older sister and myself or Bob!) There are many pieces included with this ship – some of which require assembly via snapping some of the pieces together and applying some of the included stickers to various parts of the ship.

Playmobil Cruise Ship Pieces

I used the included pamphlet to put the entire ship together in less than an hour. The kids had fun putting the smaller pieces together while I worked on the stickers and the bigger parts of the ship.

Playmobil Cruise Ship Directions

This ship is huge at just over 29 inches long!  In addition to the ship, the set includes the following pieces: three adult figures, two child figures, life boat, lounge chairs, luggage, furniture, food, beverages, and tons of other accessories.  The kids LOVE this set!  I love that it is big enough for them to play with it at the same time and they love all of the fun areas where the figures can move around on the ship.

There is a set of steps for the people to board the ship.  The captain can keep a lookout from the front bow.  There is a sundeck up top, a pool and even living quarters for the passengers to enjoy!

Playmobil Cruise Ship Assembled

Playmobil Cruise Ship Back

We were really happy to add this playset to our rapidly expanding collection of PLAYMOBIL toys.  I have no doubt that this cruise ship will see a lot of play from both of the kids and their friends!  You already know that we are frequent cruisers, and those experiences are no doubt adding to the excitement of this set.  I love hearing the kids play together and recreate their favorite vacation memories as they enjoy hours of imaginative (and cooperative!) playtime!

Playing Playmobil Cruise Ship

Playmobil Cruise Ship Play

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