You’ve Been BOOZED – Halloween Printable

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Who says Halloween is just for kids?  It’s not!  Not by a longshot!  Here’s some fun for the 21+ crowd – use our “You’ve Been Boozed” tags, attached to the alcoholic beverage of your choice. 

Boozed Tags

Okay.  I may have had a LITTLE too much fun putting these together! Halloween is rolling down the calendar once again and you might already be familiar with the popular “Boo Your Neighbors” game. While that game is certainly an all-ages activity, this one is for the adult crowd.

The premise of “You’ve Been BOOZED” is basically the same as the family version, but instead of candies and stickers, you sneak some alcohol to your intended recipient.

This would be really fun to start at your office or around the neighborhood. (Obviously just make sure that your “delivery” is going to be found by responsible parties who are also 21+.

What Supplies You Need:

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Youve Been Boozed Supplies

How to play: I mean, it’s pretty self-explanatory.  But here goes:

  • Buy your alcohol. I love using the small bottles of liquor or wine for this little gift. This keeps the cost down and makes it more budget-friendly to gift these to a few people.  Of course size is up to you. If you want to hand out big bottles of wine or liquor, have at it.
  • Print out our You’ve Been Boozed tags. You can print these on regular printer paper, or, if you want them to be a little bit sturdier, print on white cardstock.
  • Punch a hole in each tag and use twine to tie it to the bottle.

Boozed tag

That’s it!  Really easy!

Who would you love to give this gift to?

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