Witch Paper Plate Halloween Craft

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As you look for some simple Halloween paper craft ideas to make this year, here is a great one to consider! Make a witch paper plate craft. The end result is a fun piece of Halloween decor, but could also double as a stick puppet!

Witch Plate Puppet Craft HERO

Halloween Crafts

Every year as each season rolls by, my kids and I enjoy making all kinds of different crafts. Some of the crafts that we make are gifts for friends, family and teachers. Other crafts and art activities add some fun seasonal decor to our home. No matter what the craft at hand, it is fun to try new things! Crafting is a great boredom buster and a nice activity that we can do together.

We have quite a few Halloween crafts on the blog by now. Check out some of my favorites below:

Paper Plate Witch Craft

Our craft today is perfect for a wide range of ages. Young kids will need a bit of adult assistance when it comes to gluing and assembling. If you prefer not to use the hot glue gun with kids, you can either have an adult in charge of gluing OR you can use school glue instead. If using the liquid school glue, you will just need to allow time for the glued pieces to dry.

As far as total time required, this fun Halloween craft is best done over two sessions. You will want to leave some time for the paint on the plate to dry.

Check out the supply list and directions below to complete your own witch paper plate craft!

Halloween Witch Craft Supplies

Gather up the following art supplies to make your cute witch craft:

witch plate craft supplies

Halloween Witch Craft Tutorial

Follow the instructions below to complete this easy paper plate witch craft!

1. Paint the paper plate with black and allow the paint to dry. (I don’t have it listed in the materials, but some silver or iridescent glitter sprinkled over the wet black paint would look cool, too!)

black painted plate

2. Once the paint is dry, use the scissors to cut a slit across the bottom, as pictured below.

Cut slit in plate

3. Sprinkle drops of white and yellow paint at the top of the paper plate using the paint brush.

painting yellow dots
painting white dots

4. Now it’s time to make the paper witch from the construction paper. Use the picture below as a reference and cut the different shapes from the construction paper.

Witch craft pieces

5. Lay out the pieces for the witch. A small white circle on the green circle will be the eye. Cut out a black witch’s hat and skirt from the black construction paper. Fringe some orange paper for the witch’s hair. Cut out a yellow circle for the full moon.

witch pieces and glue stick

6. Glue the parts of the witch together. Again, use the photos (or the video embedded in this post) as a reference for assembly. The hat goes on the top of the witch head and you can add a green triangle for her nose.

paper witch assembly 1
orange pieces and glue
paper witch assembly 2

7. Use the black marker to give the witch a pupil in the center of her white eye. Draw a mouth on the witch. (Sidenote: you could definitely use small googly eyes instead of the paper eye if you’d like!)

paper witch assembly 3 marker

8. Make the witch’s broom from the yellow yarn and half of a popsicle stick. Glue the yarn to the stick.

yellow yarn
glue stick and yarn

9. Glue the witch to the broomstick.

witch on broomstick

10. Glue the witch on her broomstick to the top of a popsicle stick.

Witch glue on popsicle stick

11. Glue the yellow circle on the plate, towards the middle and off center. This circle is the full moon in the night sky.

moon on plate

12. For the final step, insert the witch into the cut slit. Now you have a flying witch! She is riding on her broomstick across the night sky, which is complete with a full moon.

Witch plate craft finished

I hope you have fun with this Halloween craft! This craft would be a fun way to enjoy an art activity in October, at school or at home. Be sure to take a look through the rest of our Halloween content while you’re here! You will find lots of easy recipes and craft projects.

If you decide to give this Halloween witch craft a try, let us know how it turned out for you! Feel free to tag us on social media if you post a picture of the finished project. We would love to see it!


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