Posted on March 8, 2018

Winter Tip: Glow Sticks for Nighttime Sledding Visibility

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Winter Tip: Glow Sticks for Nighttime Sledding Visibility

Check out this quick and easy tip for keeping your kiddos in your sights at all times while sledding, even if you happen to find yourself outside after the sun goes down! 

This week, we got a LOT of snow!  We got slammed by a surprise Nor’easter last week and then yesterday got walloped with another!  Yesterday’s storm was especially strange, as the snow amounts were incredibly diverse from neighborhood to neighborhood.  We received just about a foot of snow while friends living 10 minutes away barely had 3 inches of snow.

Snowstorm PA

We not only got a lot of snow, but between this storm and the last one, our poor apple tree in the front yard is now split beyond saving.  I’m sad about this as it has been here my entire life.  My grandfather planted it back in the 1960s.

Broken Tree Snow

We wanted to get the kids down to the big hill at my dad’s house for some sledding, but of course the snow cleanup had to come first. So we waited patiently while Bob got to clearing our driveway and cars.  We also had fun laughing at our dog, Albie, who thoroughly enjoyed the chance to jump and run in the snow!

Plowing Snow

Albie Snow 1

Albie Snow 2

Winter Trees

Bob finished up the driveway just as the sun was starting to set. We knew it would be dark before much longer, but figured what the heck!  Let’s live in the moment and let the kids go sledding, even if it gets a bit dark.  LOL

So we got them bundled up in their snow gear as quickly as we could and headed down the road to my dad’s.  Now don’t ask me what made me think to do this – but before we loaded into the car, I put several glow sticks on each kid! I looped them through the zipper pulls on their coats, around their arms on the outside of their coat sleeves.. I even put one or two on Landon’s boots.  The kids were excited about them of course, but let me tell you… as the sun set and they got better and better at sledding longer distances down the big hill, I could see them at all times without a problem thanks to those glow sticks!!

So just a little PSA from me – pick up some glow sticks the next time you’re at the dollar store and the next time you head out for some sledding at sundown, use them!

Kids in Snow

Kids in Snow at Night

Snow Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks Snow

Snowy Night Sledding


Winter Tip Glow Sticks Sledding

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