Posted on April 24, 2018

Window Covering Safety is Essential with Young Kids. Here’s Why:

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When we had our first child, we knew that once she started crawling around the house, we would need to take certain precautions to keep her safe. We plugged all of the electrical outlets with safety covers and put up baby gates to keep her off of stairs and out of certain rooms. Lily had a knack for respecting most boundries and even as a toddler, she didn’t test limits. She was (and still is) a rule follower and took it pretty easy on us. Of course, this gave Bob and I a rather false sense that we possessed very stellar parenting skills. We figured one kid wasn’t too terribly difficult, why not have another?

Enter Landon. Oh Landon. My sweet and hilarious boy. He is also my limit-tester, rule-breaker and overall button pusher (literally AND figuratively). Landon’s sense of adventure and his, shall we say inquisitive spirit, lead to baby-proofing to the extreme. We used to joke that he was like a dinosaur in Jurassic Park – testing every single door, drawer and cabinet to find the weak (unlocked) one. Landon is now 4 and we are only just starting to shake off the cabinet locks, door locks and other safety-related household helpers that kept him out of danger’s path.

Landon Albie Window

So once Landon was on the move, we locked down everything but the kitchen sink. One thing that was new to the house was our kitchen that we had just built (as an addition onto the existing house). Lily was a preschooler while the kitchen was being built, so Landon was the first kiddo that we had as an infant/toddler while enjoying our new kitchen. And while we discussed covering the windows at length – blinds, curtains, etc, I always came back to the safety issues associated with window coverings. Simply put: kids and cords don’t mix.

Kitchen Snow

Corded window products (for example, mini blinds) put kids at risk for strangulation injuries or even death. It is much easier than you would think for them to become entangled in the cords, especially when those cords dangle down to the ground.

Spring is the perfect time to give your house a safety refresher! Go through each room and take a look to see if any further safety precautions are needed.

PSA: Only Use Cordless Window Coverings with Young Children from Window Covering Safety Council on Vimeo.

We still don’t have window coverings in the kitchen, however we do have window coverings throughout the rest of the house.  We do not have a single corded window in our house.  The only blinds that we have in our home are self-retracting, cordless blinds. It is really important that you replace older, corded window products with current, safer products.  If you have young children in your home, you need to make sure that you use only cordless window covering products or those that have inaccessible cords.   When shopping for new window coverings, look for the the Best for Kids™ certification label which easily identifies products that are best suited for homes with young children.

For even more information on how to find (and why to use) safe window coverings, check out the Window Covering Safety Council. This page is a helpful resource, whether you’re baby proofing your house for the first time, or remodeling a room and looking for safe window covering suggestions.

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