What Are You Going to DO with ALL of that FREE Food?

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Seriously, you are probably thinking, WHAT are you going to do with some of the large quantities of FOOD that you get at the grocery store with coupons or instant savings deals??

For example, the post below… 25 boxes of pancake mix?

Guess what, folks?

I am NOT going to use it all.

Quite frankly, we’d be up to our eyeballs if we kept (and used!) all of that pancake mix!

I have mentioned here a lot that when I can get things free and super cheap, I almost always grab them.  We use them, we dole them out in large quantities to family and friends (just sent my in-laws home today with a bag of Eggos and crackers!).



I donate because there are so many people out there in need.  I donate because while we might live on one income and stick to a weekly budget, there are so many people out there who are struggling just to put food on the table.  I donate because by using coupons I can purchase food for (literally) pennies (or FREE) and I truly believe that paying it forward is a wonderful thing to do.

I have decided that this year my cheap and free food surplus will be donated to a great local cause: Preston and Steve’s Campout for Hunger.

Preston and Steve are local radio personalities.  They have an extremely popular morning show on 93.3 WMMR here in Philadelphia.  Back when I used to drive 45+ minutes each way to work, they literally delivered me to my school howling with laughter.

Each fall (around Thanksgiving) they camp out with the rest of their show’s crew in an RV right smack in the parking lot of a very busy shopping center outside of Philadelphia.  They live in the RV 24/7 for about a week and they broadcast live from the parking lot.  They welcome listeners to stop by and donate food; some individuals and businesses even compete to try to donate the largest amount of food (measured by weight).

All food is donated directly to Philabundance, the area’s largest hunger relief organization.

From now until November I am going to collect canned goods and other non perishable foodstuffs to take and donate to the Campout for Hunger.  Will you join me?  Use those coupons, grab the freebies each week, put a couple of items aside to donate.

Whether you are from the Philadelphia area or not… this is something that all of us as couponers can do… we can make a difference without compromising our own budgets.

Here is my first donation, ready to go!  I will be collecting these items and keeping them in my guest room.  I am excited to see how much I end up with.  :)

food donation preston and steve campout for hunger

9 thoughts on “What Are You Going to DO with ALL of that FREE Food?

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  2. I do the same thing. Our church has a food pantry that gets visited by 300 families a month. Today was our monthly food drive to stock the shelves. I took seven bags of groceries. It is a good things for my kids to see that I work hard at coupons and then give a lot of it away. Helping others is important.

  3. Like you, I love Preston & Steve and would arrive at my teaching job (only about 35 min away) laughing hysterically every morning. When we were a 2 income family, I didn’t clip coupons as much, or plan things out, so I rarely had donations that I could hand out, but already this year I gave 2 large bags to Stamp Out for Hunger, and have begun putting things aside for Camp Out for Hunger! It makes me feel good that I am teaching my children to be frugal and how to help others. Keep paying it forward!

    1. Awesome!

      This really has me thinking that I should rally the troops and get a bunch of couponers to meet up at Camp Out for Hunger with food. A Mama Cheaps POSSE!! Hmmmm!

  4. I think donating items that we can get for free/almost free is important. Our church has a food pantry, and has bins in the foyers that people can drop items when they come for a service.
    I’ve gotten in the habit of picking up free items with coupons, and then taking a bag with us to church every week. It is a great feeling to be able to help those in need, even in a smaller way!

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