Fun Gift Ideas for Your Favorite VSCO Girl

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Shopping for a VSCO girl gift? You’re not alone!  Check out our handy VSCO girl gift guide for some great ideas!

VSCO Gift Ideas

OhEmGee. (Or perhaps I should say AND-I-OOP?)

This VSCO girl trend just does NOT seem to be fading, does it? Our elf on the shelf has gone VSCO, and, so it seems, have many other girls across the country.

So I am going to do what I do best – and that is to scour the interwebs and put together a VSCO girl gift guide that will help you shop for birthdays or holidays!

VSCO Girl Gift Ideas

There are a whole bunch of items that seem to be standard-issue for VSCO girls. Here is a round up of the most popular of those items!

  • Carmex or Burt’s Bees lip balm

VSCO Girl Inspired Tees

Skip A Straw Save A Turtle Tee

SKSKSK Skip A Straw! Save The Turtles T-Shirt

SKSKSK Save The Turtles Tee

Good Vibes Graphic Tee

Long Sleeve Sweatshirt Colorblock Tie Dye

Long Sleeve Crew Neck NASA Shirt

MAKEMECHIC Women’s Long Sleeve Casual Printed Sweatshirt

I hope these suggestions are helpful as you shop for gifts for your favorite VSCO girl!  Any of these items would work great for birthday gifts or holiday gifts.

I still think it’s hilarious that so many of the things I had in the 90s are included in this VSCO girl trend. While air pods and digital music in general were still a ways off from being invented, I could rock out to music on my discman, hair up in scrunchies, feeling cool in my (knock-off, thankyouverymuch) Birkenstock sandals, with the best of them!


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