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Rainbow Unicorn Printable Valentines Day Cards

Add a little magic to your Valentines that only a unicorn can offer!  Use our Rainbow Unicorn Printable Valentines Day Cards with some rainbow lollipops and you have a card fit for mystical royalty. Or a 3rd grader. Same diff.

Cute Unicorn Valentines

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and today I have another awesome printable Valentine card for you!  This one is not just awesome, it’s clearly magical. If you have a kiddo who is all about the rainbow and unicorns (and you KNOW that I have one of them!), THIS is the Valentine’s Day card to send off to school this year. We designed these cards ourselves (yep, apparently Bob can draw unicorns – he’s always full of surprises!). The finishing touch is to stick a mini rainbow lollipop stick in a small slit that you cut in the cards. I put a demo card together and showed Lily – who promptly broke out into happy shrieks because that’s the effect that rainbows and unicorns have on her!

Rainbow Unicorn Valentine Card Supplies

Round up the following items to assemble these snazzy unicorn Valentines:

Printable Unicorn Valentines (I recommend printing them on heavy white card stock.)
X-acto Knife
Small Rainbow Twist Lollipops

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Unicorn Valentine Materials

Picking the Right Suckers

I have to tell you – I had a really tough time finding the lollipops that I ended up using.  Amazon has several different kinds, some come in boxes, some come in tubs. The reviews are all OVER the place.  Some people are unhappy with the size (smaller is actually better for these cards). Some people said that their suckers came broken. I went back and forth and ultimately I ordered my lollipops from Oriental Trading Company. Make sure you shop through TopCashback to earn 4% back on your purchase!

I ordered two 24-count boxes of Mini Rainbow Twisty Lollipops.  They arrived quickly – within about one week with standard shipping. I have not gone through the entire lot, but most appear to be intact.  A few have small cracks. I think this is just the risk that you run when ordering lollipops through the mail. They are super fragile item and no matter now carefully the shipper packs them, the risk of cracking is high.

One note: I unwrapped some lollipops for picture purposes. When it comes to actually gifting these cards to others, we will leave the wrappers on the candy.

Sheet of Unicorn Valentines

Assembling Unicorn Printable Valentines Day Cards

Print out our rainbow unicorn Valentines.  Again, I recommend printing on white cardstock. Our easy PDF file has 3 Valentines per page, each Valentine measures approximately 4×6 inches.

Note: these printables are for personal use only.

Unicorn Valentines

Cut out each Valentine and have your kiddo fill out the “to” and “from” spaces.

Use an X-acto knife to cut a small slit above the mane, between the unicorn’s ears.

Place a lollipop through the slit of each card and use a piece of tape to secure the stick to the back of the card.

The results? Oh yeah.  Totally magical!

Make sure you browse our ever-growing archive of awesome Valentines ideas. Lots of easy ideas with free printables!

P.S. Lily is giving out these Valentines this year!  We ended up using some purple metallic tape (found at Dollar Tree) to affix the lollipop to the back of the card.  They look AWESOME and she is so excited to hand them out!

Sheet of Unicorn Valentines

Purple Metallic Tape


DIY Unicorn Valentines

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