Unicorn Horns and Hearts (Easy DIY Candy Centerpiece)

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Unicorn Horns and Hearts (Easy DIY Candy Centerpiece)

Unicorn Horns and Hearts candy centerpieces are some of the easiest ways to incorporate seasonal looks into your home decor. Check out this fun idea for Valentine’s Day or your next rainbow or unicorn themed party!

unicorn horns

I LOVE using seasonal candy to make centerpieces for my home. Many holidays and seasons (most in fact) have iconic candy and other treats that we associate with said holiday and/or season. Conversation Hearts are no exception (and don’t believe the rumors that you can’t buy them this year.  Check out my Facebook Live to get the scoop.).  Conversation Hearts are a symbol of Valentine’s Day and I love using them for everything from treats to home decor.

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Material for Unicorn Horns and Hearts

I first got the idea for this candy centerpiece after Lily made up all of her unicorn rainbow Valentines for her class.  We had some extra rainbow lollipop sticks left over.  After making those Valentines, I immediately think “unicorn horns” whenever I see them.  So I decided to add them to the conversation heart centerpiece that I usually make each year.

To make this centerpiece you will need:

Glass Container (I got this one at the Dollar Tree.)
Conversation Hearts
Rainbow Lollipop Sticks

Lollipops and Conversation Hearts

How to make: 

1. Cut the sticks off of the lollipops that you will be using.

2. Fill your glass jar/vase with a base layer of conversation hearts.

3. Add lollipops one at a time by placing them against the glass, holding the pop in place and filling the vase behind it with more candy hearts. The final result will be colorful, bright and ready for Valentine’s Day or any rainbow-tastic celebrations!

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Unicorn Horn Heart Candy Centerpiece

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