Twizzlers Road Trip Recap Day 5: Final Full Day in Boston

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As we began our final full day in the Boston area, we woke up to find clouds and rain – and realized how lucky we were that the rest of our days were beautiful.  Our plan for the day was to drive about an hour southeast to the coast to check out Plimoth Plantation, the Mayflower replica and of course, the famed Plymouth Rock.  We jumped in the Twizzlers mobile early – before 8 a.m. and watched as the rain got heavier and heavier throughout the drive.

I hopped on Facebook and asked our FB fans if Plimoth Plantation was mostly outside (a resounding “YES!!” was the answer) we had to make a  judgment call.  I pulled up the Weather Channel app on my phone and took a look at the doppler.  It looked like there was the tiniest little area of clear weather heading towards Plymouth, MA – with lots and lots of rain to follow.

We arrived at Plimoth Plantation and entered the visitor’s center as the rain poured down.  We watched the short introductory film that gave an overview of the history surrounding the area, as well as information on how the actual plantation is designed.  At the movie’s end – the rain had slowed to a light drizzle.

We trudged ahead to the first stop at the Plantation – a recreation of a Wampanoag Homesite from the 1600s.

Wampanoag Homestead Plimoth Plantation

Wampanoag Homestead Plimoth Plantation

The rain continued to hold off and we continued along to the 17th century English Village site.  We saw several re-enactors and had a fun time poking in the different houses and checking out some of the tools and other items that the settlers would have used.

17th Century English Village Plimoth Plantation

17th Century English Village Plimoth Plantation

17th Century English Village Plimoth Plantation

Oh, and just in case you were wondering – Plimoth Plantation is NOT super stroller friendly… especially after a good rainfall.  The footing is very sandy and the stroller kept sinking – Biker Bob finally figured out the only way to move Lily Bean along:

17th Century English Village Plimoth Plantation

JUST as we exited the English Village, the skies opened back up.  The rain came back and we could not believe that we managed to squeeze the visit in between the bad weather!

Next, it was a short 3 mile drive down the road to see Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower II.  Bob thought the the rock was way smaller than he had expected – I thought it was bigger.  Go figure.  :)

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock

The Mayflower II was neat – definitely worth seeing.  It was so interesting to walk the deck (and below deck) and to imagine what that passage from England to North America must have been like.  In short – it must have been pure hell.  I can’t imagine the smell, the sickness, the fear – just unreal.  I had to take a minute to think about how bad things must have been in the minds of the pilgrims to make them give up everything they knew to travel into such a scary unknown.  Really amazing.

The ship itself had some great re-enactors on board.  Really authentic, funny and full of facts and other ramblings.

Plymouth Rock and Mayflower

After our visit to the ship, it was time for a lunch break.  The small eatery that we stopped at just so happened to sell ice cream as well.  From the first second we were in the store, Lily noticed that they sold DORA popsicles.  Oh ick.  We told her that if she ate her whole lunch, she could have one… and don’t you know it – the usually picky eater ate every last bite.   She only ate a tiny bit of the popsicle before the novelty wore off – and she’s been talking about it ever since!

Plymouth Rock

If you have been following our trip up to this point, you know by now that we try to pack every last thing into each day that we travel.  True to form, we left Plymouth and headed to a place that Biker Bob was certainly excited to visit – the Samuel Adams Brewery.

We took a free tour of their brewery (located on the outskirts of Boston) which included a beer tasting at the end and a free souvenir tasting glass for both Bob and I.

The tour was fun, informative and we got a kick out of the name of our tour – quite fitting for Lily  – “Irish Red!”

Samuel Adams Brewery Tour Boston

Samuel Adams Brewery Tour Boston

Samuel Adams Brewery Tour Boston

We wrapped up our tourism for the day by heading back to the Museum of Science in Boston and FINALLY getting on that ever-popular Duck Boat Tour.   The tour was neat – a great summary of our other tours and a nice chance to sit back and take in the sites, both on land and on water.  Almost 2 hours long, it covered a lot of info.

Museum of Science Boston Twizzlers Mobile

Boston Duck Boat Tour

We headed back to our hotel for our final night in Boston, hungry and looking for someplace yummy to eat.  We ended up at The Cheesecake Factory, and DESPITE the 75 minute WAIT, we decided to stick it out because we sure do love their food.

Good thing we took some pre-appetizer snacks in with us.  :)

Twizzlers Cheesecake Factory

Tomorrow we head home – we can’t believe how quick our trip went!

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Travel accommodations and other expenses incurred as a Twizzlers Traveling Family have been provided by Twizzlers/The Hershey Company.  All opinions and experiences are 100% our own.   I am not telling you the ghastly number of Twizzlers that we have eaten so far this week.  Nope – not telling.


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  1. Wow! You guys do a lot of traveling. I started following your trips not too long ago, and really enjoy the photographs and, especially some of the expressions on the little ones face-priceless. You must have money saving travel tips (you are Mama Cheaps, LOL) I’m sure there are many of us who would love to hear them.
    I’m jealous, I don’t get much time off from work, but I love to travel. How are you guys able to do so many trips?

  2. Thanks for the response and the tips. We’ve been to Disney three times and I could go three more. Next time we go it will be the Mama Cheaps way! I admire yours and your husbands ambition.
    A loyal follower of Mama Cheaps.

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