Twizzlers Road Trip Recap Day 4

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After spending the ENTIRE day traipsing all over the city of Boston, there are several important things that we have learned:

1)  Though Boston is very walking friendly, it is not stroller friendly due to the cobblestone streets in some places and brick sidewalks.  Biker Bob came insanely close to flying head first over the stroller on several occasions when it got jammed between stones or bricks.  Secretly, between you and I, that would have been a little funny.  ;)

2)  Faneuil is a tricky word to spell and I’m still not sure how to pronounce it.  But the area where Faneuil Hall sits is really neat – and Quincy Market has so many yummy food options it was so hard to choose.

3)  Samuel Adams was a bad ass.

4)  Boston Common is charming.  Take a stroll, chill on the lawn, have a catch – all can be done in this public space.  It was lovely to see and experience.

5) Boston’s North End smells so good – thanks to 100+ Italian restaurants crammed within its borders – that I found myself salivating as we followed our tour guide from site to site.

6)  Walking from Boston Common to the North End and then over to the Museum of Science is ridiculously far.  It’s even farther when you get to the Museum of Science to get tickets for the Ride the Ducks tour only to find that they are sold out for the remainder of the day.  Spouses may begin to squabble at that point and calling a cab to get back to your car may be the only option to save your marriage.

7)  Boston is old.  Like old old.  For America, that is.

8)  My Facebook fans suggest the best cannolis ever.

9)  Despite their penchant for trying to flip over strollers, cobblestone streets and brick sidewalks act like magic toddler nap machines.  Lily Bean slept through at least an hour of one of our tours thanks to the rumbling of the road beneath her.

10)  Boston is this completely amazing city – with secrets and historical facts packed around every corner.  I can’t believe how much we explored today and how much we learned.  What a blast!

Some highlights:

We started out by taking the Freedom Trail 90 minute walking tour from the visitor’s center.  We stopped by some notable landmarks, including the Granary Burying Ground, Boston Common and Faneuil Hall.

The Freedom Trail in Boston is great.  You can literally follow this red brick trail for about 3 miles all through the city – it will take you past a ton of historically significant landmarks.  Our morning tour was lead by a tour guide in period costume who took us through a number of locations on the Freedom Trail.

Freedom Trail walking tour Boston

Freedom Trail Boston

Boston Common Freedom Trail

Samual Adams Grave Granary Boston


Granary Burying Ground Boston

Granary Burying Ground Boston

The morning tour left off right at Quincy Market – we finally narrowed down our lunch choices and enjoyed a delicious meal – while Lily Bean continued to snooze away

Quincy Market Desserts Boston

Sleeping in Quincy Market BostonWe had the opportunity to hop on a second 90 minute walking tour right after lunch.  It was led by the same tour guide (she was great!) and covered the important sites in the North End.  We were excited to see this section of town, as it includes Paul Revere’s House, Old North Church where the 2 lanterns were hung to warn of the British army on the move and more.

We started out by learning about the area surrounding Faneuil Hall and continued to the North End.  On the way we stopped to see a beautiful rose garden that had been built/planted in honor of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy – JKF’s mom.

Rose Kennedy Garden Boston

Paul Revere House Boston

This is the actual hitching post outside of Paul Revere’s house that he used to tie up his horse.  It was neat to see such a tangible part of American history!

Paul Revere House Boston

This is the house where Rose Kennedy lived as a little girl.

Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy House

Old North Church Boston

Old North Church Boston

While in the North End, after our tour ended, we made a pit stop for some delectable cannoli treats!

mikes pastry cannoli boston mc

Then we got the brilliant idea to walk to the Museum of Science to try to get on one of the last Duck Boat tours for the day.  Bad idea.  Very bad idea.  It was an almost 2 mile hike, we took a wrong turn once, finally found the museum and learned that the Duck Tours were completely sold out for the rest of the day.  GAH!

So we spent a little bit of time in the museum – which Lily loved.

Boston Museum of Science

Roaring like a dinosaur!

Boston Museum of Science

After taking a TAXI from the museum back to Boston Common where our car was parked (BEST $8.90 we ever spent, hands down!) there was one more thing I wanted to do.  We walked across the Common to see the monument built to honor the 54th Massachusetts from the Civil War.  If you have ever seen the movie Glory – this monument honors the regiment portrayed in it.

54th Massachusetts Monument Boston

What. a. full. day.


We finally ended up back at our hotel, ordered some pizza, and threw on the pajama pants.  Tomorrow we hope to check out Plymouth, MA – hard to believe that our trip is already winding down.

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Travel accommodations and other expenses incurred as a Twizzlers Traveling Family have been provided by Twizzlers/The Hershey Company.  All opinions and experiences are 100% our own.  In addition to our cannoli pit stop, I might have purchased a cookie at Quincy market that was roughly the size of my head.  And eaten more of it than I’d like to admit.

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