#Twizzlers Road Trip Recap Day 2

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This morning we checked out of our hotel on the early side and scampered across the street to the Hy-Line Ferry.  When our friends over at Eversave heard that we were coming to Massachusetts, they offered one of their Saves, first class passage to Nantucket, to us.  Our ferry was set to leave Hyannis, MA at 9:20 a.m. and would take just under 2 hours to arrive on Nantucket.  Our lounge was nice and spacious, air conditioned and had huge windows as well as a small outside deck.  We started the journey outside, watching the coastline disappear as we chugged towards Nantucket – 32 miles off the coast of Mass.

Coastline of Hyannis, MA

Coastline of Hyannis, MA

Ferry to Nantucket

Funny story: Today’s trip to Nantucket reminded Biker Bob and I a LOT of our honeymoon cruise to Bermuda.  But it wasn’t because of the quaint little town that we explored on foot.  It wasn’t because of the cobblestone streets, wildflower bordered sandy beaches or even the cute shops lining the main drag off the boat.  It was because we were pretty much the only tourists in the 35 and under crowd. Actually, Bob joked that he was pretty sure that we were the only ones in the 65 and under crowd.  LOL  He wasn’t that far off the mark.  It was hilarious – it seemed as if the entire ferry over to Nantucket today was comprised of a few different senior tour groups.

And you know what?


Holy flying pigs, did they LOVE her hair.


And you know what else?

They were the cutest.  We made new bffs all over the boat, the bus tour, even the curb where we sat eating ice cream waiting for boarding back to Hyannis to begin.

We heard about everyone’s grandchildren, great grand nieces and nephews, etc.  We traded travel stories and enjoyed their slower-paced, laid back attitude.  There was no rushing the gang plank to board the ferry… no one half listening to us because they were too busy updating their Facebook status… it was really nice.

As the ferry rounded the final turn into the harbor, we took in the amazing summer homes that dot the shoreline on Nantucket.

Ferry into Nantucket

Ferry to Nantucket

When we arrived to Nantucket, we didn’t have any plans for the day, other than to take in the local sights.  As we walked down the street, we noticed that there was an island bus tour leaving in the next 15 minutes.  History geek confession: I love tours like that.  I like being able to get the historical overview of the area we are visiting.  So the bus tour ended up being the next thing on our itinerary.  It was an hour and 15 minutes long – guess how much of it Lily Bean enjoyed?  Exactly 15 minutes.  Here’s how she spent the other hour:

Nantucket bus tour

Good thing she was free. :)

We saw some other neat things on the tour – old houses and buildings… the oldest functioning windmill in the US, and of course, the breathtaking beaches!

Nantucket Windmill

Nantucket Beach

Nantucket Beach

Nantucket Lighthouse

After the bus tour we were STARVING so we asked our tour guide for a food recommendation – he had a great one and we enjoyed a tasty lunch at the Easy Street Cantina.  (LOL My Facebook fans got a glimpse of my Lobster Salad Wrap – just before I devoured it.)

A short walk from the restaurant was the Nantucket Whaling Museum.  We decided to escape the heat to check out the museum – it was a wonderful collection of artifacts.  True to its name, much of the museum covered the island’s rich whaling history.  There were other general island history exhibits too, which were interesting to see.

At the top of the museum was  a large outdoor observation deck which revealed sweeping views of the island and water beyond.  I was sure that I would get some great pics of Lily Bean up there… though as you can see below, SILLY was her only focus.  :)

Nantucket Whaling Museum

Nantucket Whaling Museum

Nantucket Whaling Museum

Nantucket Whaling Museum

Towards the end of the museum we found the Discovery Center – a charming little space just for kids.  There were activities galore and Lily was totally in her element!

Nantucket Whaling Museum Discovery Center for Kids

And with that, we grabbed some ice cream and it was back on the ferry and a smooth return to Hyannis.

We hopped in our trusty Twizzlers mobile and set our course for the Boston area.  We can’t wait to explore the city and surrounding areas over the next few days!

p.s. Here’s a video of our ferry to Nantucket!

Travel accommodations and other expenses incurred as a Twizzlers Traveling Family have been provided by Twizzlers/The Hershey Company. All opinions and experiences are 100% our own.

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