Twizzlers Road Trip Recap Day 1

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Greetings from Massachusetts!

Yesterday we packed the car, loaded up Lily Bean and all of her travel accessories (dvd player – check.  boredom bag – check.  2 Belle dolls, 3 Snow White dolls and 1 Rapunzel doll – check).  We made sure our cooler was packed with water, soda and juice and our snack bag was brimming with pretzels, popcorn and, of course, Twizzlers.

Weaver MC Day 1 Twizzlers 1

We made the 6.5 hour drive in just under 8 hours from start to finish.  That included 2 bathroom breaks and about 45 minutes worth of stop and go traffic throughout Connecticut.

Some highlights:

We made it through New Jersey and New York without much to report.  I always love getting a glimpse of the NYC skyline from afar – the Empire State Building ALWAYS reminds me of Sleepless in Seattle.  LOL

Weaver MC Day 1 Twizzlers 9

Weaver MC Day 1 Twizzlers 8

We headed over the George Washington Bridge and I got excited to think that we were closing in on Connecticut.  A new state for all three of us!

Weaver MC Day 1 Twizzlers 6

After a ton of traffic in CT, it was almost time for Rhode Island.  Another new state!

I put my camera on my lap, ready for the state sign.

After about 25 minutes of waiting for THE SIGN, I got a little distracted.  I started to check out the fully loaded first aid kit that came in our car.  And I missed the stinkin’ sign.

So here’s a picture of the first aid kit instead.

Weaver MC Day 1 Twizzlers 5

As evening set in, we crossed into Massachusetts – WOOHOO!  p.s. Seekonk.  Hehe.

Weaver MC Day 1 Twizzlers 4

Our final stop was Hyannis, MA (on Cape Cod) where we would spend the night before heading on to Boston.  We found our hotel without incident, checked in and were excited to see a beautiful harbor directly across from our hotel room.  It was time to drop the bags and go find a tasty seafood dinner before calling it a night.

Tomorrow will include seeing more of Cape Cod and the surrounding area!

Weaver MC Day 1 Twizzlers 3

Weaver MC Day 1 Twizzlers 2

Travel accommodations and other expenses incurred as a Twizzlers Traveling Family have been provided by Twizzlers/The Hershey Company.  All opinions and experiences are 100% our own.  That weird smell in our car is Biker Bob.  Not me.

12 thoughts on “Twizzlers Road Trip Recap Day 1”

  1. I was surprised to learn that CT and RI were new states for you, since you travel so much! Driving in the Northeast is so much different than the rest of country. CT is very congested! Wait til you get to Boston. My husband & I stopped in Boston on a trip to Maine once and while trying to find our hotel in a bunch of road construction ended up on a one way street the WRONG direction! LOL! Was a little scary! Speaking of Maine-sometime you should totally take a drive up there and explore the Maine coast-so pretty, esp. Acaidia NP in Bar Harbor. Add it to your bucket list :)

    • Oh I know – can you believe that our travels have NEVER taken us to New England?? Well, Bob has been to New Hampshire and Vermont once on a motorcycle trip with friends, but I have never been northeast of New York city! Connecticut traffic was the PITS and it wasn’t even rush hour. It’s been really neat seeing so many new things – and Maine is DEF on my list!! :)

  2. Wow! this is so cool, I feel like I’m on this little road trip with you, hehe. Is there any way for just a “normal non-blogging” family to be able to sign up for a trip like this? Or heck, I’d learn to blog for this opportunity, haha.

  3. Hyannis? on the way to Boston? Yikes, a little detour.. but worth the extra milage. Cape Cod is so wonderful!

    If you are in New England for some time.. Kennybunkport ME is just about 50 minutes north of Boston and perfect this time of year – Maine is “Vacationland” after all.

    In Boston, be sure to visit the Aquarium and Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Do a Duckboat ride and visit the Swanboats in the Public Garden.. you can step just across the street to take a picture outside of “Cheers” (Bullfinch Pub)

    … and most importantly, while in New England, if you can get into a Red Sox game while you are in town.. that’s the best way to spend your time like a local! Tickets available day of the game at Gate C on Lansdowne Street Have fun!

    • LOL Yup – a little detour. We were originally just going to go to Boston… then we snagged ferry tickets to Nantucket through Eversave, so we thought, why not? We left a night earlier, booked a hotel in Hyannis and enjoyed Nantucket today. It was beautiful – I’m so glad we did!

      Thank you so much for the great tips. We were hoping to catch a Red Sox game- but they are on the road the entire time that we’ll be in town… though we do definitely plan to take a tour of Fenway while we’re here!


  4. Oh and a little PS: don’t be too afraid of all our craziness on the roads and when your in Boston beware of jaywalkers haha. There are lots. I was in town today and almost hit three people within a five minute span of only moving maybe 200 feet in total. It’s slightly crazy. (bad day to be in town for me today. The bruins play tonight in town, so it was even more crowded and busy then

    • HAHA!! Thanks for the welcome and the warning. We will be all over the Boston area in the next few days… still laughing that we happen to be in the town hosting Stanley Cup Finals!


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