Twizzlers Road Trip Fun Facts!

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:: The longest piece of licorice to date was 1,200 feet and 100 pounds, created in 1998 in Lancaster, Pa. This lengthy piece of licorice made history when it was awarded with a Guinness World Record. It is still the record holder today.

:: More than 875 bags of Twizzlers Candy would fill the cargo area of a traditional family minivan. Too bad you need to take luggage on a road trip!

:: Historic Route 66, also known as the “Main Street of America” was used from November11, 1926 through June 27, 1985. If Twizzlers Candy lined the entire route, it would take nearly 19.5 million pieces of the popular candy.

:: One of the most famous “road trips” is along the Oregon Trail, with well known stops including Niagara Falls, Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park. If you laid Twizzlers Candy along the trail, it would take more than 15,840,000 pieces of Twizzlers Candy – that’s a whole lot of twisty fun!

:: More than one million miles of Twizzlers Candy are produced a year. If you line them up, there would be enough Twizzlers Candy to stretch from the earth to the moon and back again – five times.

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