Tooth Fairy Ties Elf on the Shelf with Floss + Printable Note

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Ever have two magical creatures cross paths overnight at your house? It happened to us recently when our kiddo lost a tooth during the month of December, a month during which we are graced by nightly visits from our Elf on the Shelf. So what’s a Tooth Fairy to do when she runs smack into this sneaky little elf? The Tooth Fairy Ties Elf up!

Elf tied up with floss

Tooth Fairy Ties Elf on the Shelf with Floss + Printable Note

It started like any other day… Kids went to school while I ran errands and worked over here on the blog, all under the watchful eye of our Elf on the Shelf, Oboe. Things stayed fairly calm until the school bus dropped the kids off and one of them proclaimed her big news, “I LOST A TOOTH!” And then she proudly displayed a tiny plastic yellow treasure box – the coveted boxes that our school nurse hands out when teeth are lost during the school day.

Immediately it dawned on me that losing a tooth in December also meant something else: we would have both the Tooth Fairy AND our elf gracing us with their presence that evening.

Sure enough, the next morning, we awoke to quite the scene. Apparently the elf and the fairy DID indeed cross paths.. only the Tooth Fairy took matters into her own hands and tied Oboe up with some floss, just in case he was not who he said he was. (Kinda can’t blame her there.)

So if you find yourself in the same predicament, print a tooth fairy receipt to leave with the tooth and then grab our tooth fairy ELF note to leave with the elf!

Tooth Fairy Receipts

Elf gets tied up by the Tooth Fairy..

Here are the supplies your Tooth Fairy will need:

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Tooth Fairy Note Elf

So fun, right?!

Our kids FREAKED!

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Tooth Fairy Ties Elf with Floss PIN

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