The Ziggle from Radio Flyer Review

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Our days of being Radio Flyer fans go well beyond Lily’s 5 years – in fact both Bob and I have grown up enjoying various Radio Flyer products (the classic red wagon topping both of our lists).  However SINCE Lily’s arrival into our lives, we have watched her grow into many of the innovative toys that Radio Flyer continues to unveil.

She has grown into the tricycle, the scooters (two actually  – the My First Scooter and now her GrooveGlider) and she has watched many events from the comfort of her Radio Flyer wagon (usually WITH the canopy on top which has saved her fair skin from too much sun on more than one occasion)!

We recently had the chance to check out the latest addition to the Radio Flyer line – The Ziggle!  The Ziggle is a bike that uses kid-generated power to get it moving… but this bike is not like others.  There are no pedals and the motion relies solely on arm and leg power.  Lily is about to turn 5 in the next couple weeks and she took to The Ziggle immediately.  After about 4 minutes of learning how to coordinate her body to make the bike move, she was off!

Some unique features of The Ziggle:

  • Twist the front and wiggle the back, just get on and go
  • Four caster wheels for a fun, fast ride
  • 360⁰ degree spin out action
  • Adjustable seat grows with your child
  • Grip tape for feet provide added control
  • Padded hand grips for comfort
  • Solid steel frame

Having neither a paved driveway nor sidewalks at our house, we took Lily to a local school parking lot to give her new bike a whirl.  (Before that she settled for taking a daily spin around the kitchen!)  I’ll let her own little video review show you what she thought of it!

After Ziggling here, there and everywhere, she came back to tell me that she was going to show off some “trick” riding.

Clearly, we have a winner. Lily LOVES THIS BIKE! I love how easy it was for her to learn to ride and she loves how fun it is to use.

The Ziggle is available from and is recommended for ages 3 – 8. It sells for $49.99 and has a weight capacity of 81 pounds.


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