The ULTIMATE List of Uses for IKEA FRAKTA Bags

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ikea frakta

Ah, the IKEA bag.




And one HONEY of a deal for only $.59. Officially named the FRAKTA, we have about eleventy trillion of these bags. Okay, not really. But we have at least a dozen or more because whenever we make it to IKEA (1-2 times a year) we never bring our own bags and it’s just as easy to buy a new blue bag or two (or five). We use the bags all over our house, outside, on vacations, etc. That got me thinking – what does everyone else use their IKEA bags for? So I asked on my Facebook page and got so many answers, I knew a post was in order.

So the next time you’re at IKEA (OR if you aren’t near one… they sell them online!), pick up a couple bags and put them to work for you. Check out all of the great suggestions below for possible uses!

In the House
Store items you plan to sell at the next consignment sale
Use to carry items to consignment sale for dropoff
Laundry “baskets”/laundry sorting
Holiday decoration storage
Collection bag for items you are donating
Use to hold smaller plastic grocery bags
Storing comforters during the summer
Storing winter coats during the summer
Storing emergency preparedness items and supplies
Closest organizer for shoes, etc.
Storing baby gear and clothing in between kids

Heavy duty trash bags for building material, etc.
Gardening – throw weeds into bag
Gardening – load with fresh veg from garden
Holding muddy boots and shoes
Sit-upons for camp
Recycling “bin”
Kneeling pad for gardening
Carrying and/or storing firewood
Container gardening

On the Go
Beach toys and towels
Picnic bags
Playground toys
Sports equipment
Camping supplies
Horseshow riding gear
Pool bags
Store bedding and towels for overnight trips
Grocery Shopping Bags (ideal for stores like ALDI that do not give bags at checkout. Keep a couple IKEA bags in your car and unload your cart into the bags)
Farmer’s market trips
CSA pickup
Carrying gifts to holiday gatherings
Warehouse club shopping trips (BJ’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, etc)
Trunk organizer in the bank of the car
Hauling plants/flowers home from the nursery
Holding food for vacation
Library books
Carrying packages to the post office
Carrying food to a party or BBQ
Consignment sale SHOPPING
Carrying winter clothing and gear when going sledding/skiing/tubing/snowboarding
Carrying photography props
Carrying equipment if you teach a sport, etc.
Yard sale shopping
Pumpkin picking
Moving bags (ideal for packing clothing, linens, toys and more when moving to a new home or college dorm)
Carrying birthday/wedding/shower gifts from venue to home

Fill up my comments with YOUR favorite uses for these bags!

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