The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, 2011

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If you’re like me, you have certain memories that transport you back to your childhood.  Memories that  just mean it’s almost summer and that remind you of happy, laughing family times.  And if you have kids, you might find yourself trying to recreate some of those very same memories with your own kids.  I know I do this often with Lily Bean.  I love sharing family traditions and watching her enjoy places and events that I remember fondly to this day.

Saturday was another one of those days.  We headed out to The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair.  This annual horse show (now in its 115th year) is held each Spring in Devon, PA (Philadelphia suburbs).  Riders bring their horses from near and far after qualifying for the opportunity to compete at Devon.  The show lasts for a 10 days- and is currently running through Sunday, 6/5/11.  Horse events of all kinds take up the day and night and are split between the two rings.  You will find a bunch of shops to poke around in – everything from frilly hats to horse gear.  There is also a carnival-type midway with games, fair food and a few rides.

I have gone to Devon pretty much every year of my life- I might have missed 1 or 2 years… out of 30 that’s not too bad.  Lily Bean is 3 for 3 so far (LOL – or 4 for 4 if you count the year I was pregnant)!

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It’s worth noting that the Devon Horse Show is run by thousands of volunteers.  Proceeds from the show benefit Bryn Mawr Hospital.  A great time for a great cause.

Fun day at Devon on the cheap: If you live nearby, a day at Devon can be SUPER cheap.  Kids 2 and under are FREE.  Adult general admission is $8 and kids (3-12 y/o) and seniors (65+) are just $5.  PLUS – you can bring your own food and drink into the showgrounds.  Yes, they sell all sorts of tasty food and treats – and the prices are fairly reasonable – but you always have the option to bring your own.  We typically spend an entire day at Devon, so we pack our lunch and purchase our dinner.  Parking near the show tends to run $5-$10 for the entire day/night.  Note: if you happen to go on the 2nd Thursday of the show, parking will cost more.  Thursday night is the big Grand Prix jumping event and the place is packed.

The first weekend at Devon is always Junior Weekend-  riders under 18 show their best stuff over fences, in flat classes, team jumping, lead line and more.  It’s one of my favorite times to visit the show!

Here are some more pictures from our day/night at Devon on Saturday:

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