Sweet Potato French Fries Recipe

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Try as I might, I have never been able to shake my profound love for French fries. I even worked for years in high school and college at McDonald’s – you’d think that I wouldn’t be able to look at another fry. BUT I LOVE THEM. LOVE. THEM.

Thankfully, I’m game for most potato recipes – including slightly healthier baked alternatives versus their fried counterparts.

I love sweet potatoes. Or are they yams? I have no idea what the difference is, nor do I have the time to Google the difference. :)

If you have a few extra minutes for dinner prep – try out this Sweet Potato French Fries Recipe. They taste great and you can even prep (clean, skin, chop) your sweet potatoes and throw them in a freezer bag so they are ready and waiting to be baked on a night when quick and easy is a must.

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