Superfresh & Acme Trips this Week: Rolling Catalina & Coupon Stupidity

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This week at the grocery store(s) had all of the highs and lows of couponing: some great deals and some ignorant employees.  The best deal definitely happened at Acme- the Kraft catalina is ROLLING meaning: you can use the catalina coupon from one transaction and use it towards the next transaction… and a NEW catalina WILL print!  *Note: the circular says it will not.  It will.  Or at least, as of Sunday morning, 9/5 it was still rolling.

At Superfresh I was really excited to grab some Perdue chicken nuggets for $.49/each after coupon and doubling.  I went to the same store that I have shopped at for the past 2 years.  Even though the store itself is dingy and icky, I loved that they would double unlimited numbers of coupons.  This made it so easy to build a good stockpile with multiple coupons!  Imagine my surprise when the cashier told me that they would only double 4.  What?  Yes, 4. (I should note- this was Superfresh’s original coupon policy.  Many stores lifted the policy to accept unlimited coupons.  Apparently until now.) That is the stupidest thing ever.  Because you know what?  She let me go dump the first 4 in my car and come back and get another 4.  Stupid, oh how stupid.  This might be the beginning of the end of my patronage at Superfresh.

Anyway.  Here’s how I did:

Superfresh (two transactions thanks to the “new” “rule”):

superfresh trip 9310

Price before savings: $55.19

Price I paid: $19.16  (65% savings)

Best deal (besides the great price on Perdue boneless chicken breasts!):

Perdue Chicken Nuggets – $1.99
Use the $.75/1 Perdue coupon from the 8/29 Red Plum Insert
$.49 each after coupon and doubling

Acme Transaction #1:

acme trip 1 9310

Price before savings: $80.05

Price I paid: $35.06   (56% savings)

PLUS! I got back $15 towards my next order:

acme catalinas 90310


Buy 10, get $10 OYNO catalinaOpens in a new tab..

*Got cheap coffee and two FREE loaves of bread using coupons from the Fuel for School coupon booklets found in the store.

Kraft Catalina!

Buy 5 Kraft Shredded or Chunk Cheese @ $2.29 each = $11.45
Use 1 $5/5 Kraft Cheese printable couponOpens in a new tab. = $6.45
Get $5 OYNO
Like paying $1.45 for all 5 (or $.29 each!)

Mission Tortillas – $1.69
Use the $1/1 Mission coupon from the 8/1 SmartSource insert
$.69 each after coupon  (I love stocking up on these- they freeze so well!)

Acme Transaction #2 (let’s play with that catalina!):

acme trip 2 9310

Price before savings: $80.92

Price I paid: $4.45 (95% savings)  (used $15 catalinas from previous transaction towards this one)

PLUS! I got back ANOTHER $5 OYNO catalina! WOOHOO!


Coke 12 packs – 5/$11 (must buy 5 and use in-ad coupon)

5 Kraft Shredded or Chunk Cheese @ $2.29 each = $11.45
Use 1 $5/5 Kraft Cheese printable couponOpens in a new tab. = $6.45
Used $5 catalina from last transaction
GOT BACK NEW $5 catalina!
Like paying $1.45 for all 5 (or $.29 each!)

Right Guard Deodorant – $1
Use the $1.50/2 Right Guard coupon from the 8/15 Red Plum Insert
$.25 each after coupon and doubling

Acme Transaction #3

acme trip 3 9310

Price before savings: $14.95

Price I paid: 0 (100% savings)

PLUS! I got ANOTHER $5 OYNO catalina!

Buy 5 Cool Whips @ $1/each = $5
Used $5 catalina from previous transaction to pay.  Got $5 OYNO!

I rolled the Kraft catalina 2 more times with cheese…  cheese freezes so well, you can never have too much!

Final spending for the day:

Price before savings: $231.11

Price I paid: $58.67 (75% savings)

acme trip 2 9310

9 thoughts on “Superfresh & Acme Trips this Week: Rolling Catalina & Coupon Stupidity

  1. One of the Superfresh locations that I shop in Newark, DE has the same stupid policy of only doubling 4 coupons per transaction. Also, a front end manager made up her own rule that I could only do one transaction and I couldn’t pay with a catalina. I quickly called the store manager to the front end and called her bluff. At another Superfresh in Kenneth Square, PA, the managers and employees are the best and you can double an unlimited number of coupons.

    1. Ugh- wish KS wasn’t so far from me. I have never had a problem at my store until now… I don’t know if it was the cashier or the store. But I have def had the same cashier before and she has never mentioned any “rules” concerning coupons.

  2. Went to Acme to do the rolling catalina and worked awesome! The man in front of me didn’t take them and there was an ad for Kraft Mayo 30 oz. or lager between 9/6-10/3 buy 1 save .50 buy 2 save $1 off YNO. So if I went back tomorrow did the kraft rolling catalina and 2 out of 5 items were kraft mayo would I get two catalinas?? Or do they not work like that?? I am new and wondering.

  3. When you say “freezes well” do you mean that you just put the tortillas right in the freezer in their original packaging or do you use a special freezer bag first?


    1. Yup! I chuck them right into the freezer in their original packaging… I did this with about 10 packs that I got around Cinco de Mayo in May and they froze great- we ate them up all summer. :)

  4. I bought 5 kraft cheese earlier this week and used the $5/5
    internet coupon and received the $5cat back.
    Went back to Acme today and tried to buy 5 more Kraft
    cheese with another $5/5 internet coupon and was told they don’t take internet coupons of $5 or more.?? Is this a new policy at Acme?

    1. No- I have heard a couple people having trouble with this– Acme takes IPs UP TO $5. Which would mean that they will not take a coupon $5.01+, so they SHOULD take the Kraft coupon. That is what their policy is, but I guess it will depend on the cashier you get- definitely ask for a manager in that situation and hope that they know their stuff!

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