10 Summer Pool Essentials for Kids

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When the temperatures crank up, many of us enjoy spending time cooling down at the pool. From safety to recreation, you can find some pretty cool summer pool gear for kids.  Check out our suggestions below for our top 10 summer pool essentials for kids, plus a few bonus items tossed in at the end.

Pool Essentials for Kids Gear

Summer Pool Essentials for Kids

I don’t know about your kids, but when it comes to swimming, my kids are always looking for fun and interesting pool toys and floats.  While they are more focused on “fun,” I am always on the lookout for summer pool essentials for kids that keep them a little safer around the water.

There are many summer pool essentials for kids that will keep them entertained for hours upon hours in the pool. It is always important to keep individual kids’ ages and swim abilities in mind when you are looking for pool toys and other pool essentials and supplies to purchase. Consider whether or not the kids are strong swimmers or just starting out in the water.

This list will feature a bit of safety and fun for your kids’ swimming pool adventures this summer season. Always always always remain attentive when your children are in or around water. Do not let your guard down for a single second and make sure that a responsible adult is always supervising the pool/water area.

10 of our must-have summer pool essentials for kids!

  1. Baby Beach Pop Up Tent with Built-in Pool How cool is this tent?  It is not just a shady play area, but the pool cavity is meant to nestle into the sand/dirt/grass and be filled with water. This is a great way to let little ones splash without having them in the big pool or ocean.
  2. Glittery Sparkly Inflatable Pool Ring Float A must for your kid who loves everything that sparkles!
  3. Speedo Begin to Swim Fabric Arm Band The classic inflatable water wings from your childhood are back, but made of a more comfortable fabric.  This also makes them more durable that the traditional plastic version.
  4. Intex Unicorn Inflatable Ride-On Pool Float  – What’s sure to make your pool even more magical?  An inflatable unicorn float, of course!
  5. Soaking Water Splash Balls Reusable and so much fun!  These splash balls soak up a lot of water and are reminiscent of traditional water balloons when they splash-on-impact.
  6. Swimming Goggles with Attached Ear Plugs These goggles keep water out of eyes AND ears!
  7. Stearns Puddle Jumper Kids Life Jacket I am pretty sure these Puddle Jumpers have been on my recommended list of pool essentials for kids for about 7 years now, maybe longer. They were an absolute MUST-PACK item for my family before my kids became independent swimmers.  They came with us on every beach and camping trip, as well as to resorts and on cruise ships.  They were a staple at our pool!
  8. Speedo Junior Recreation Mask For kids who love snorkeling (or want to give it a try)!  These masks are made to fit a kids’ face (narrower than an adult face).
  9. Sturdy Kickboard A timeless classic for pool instruction – the kickboard!  These simple floating boards allow kids to practice their pool breathing while keeping them afloat.
  10. Putty Buddies Floating Earplugs These silicone earplugs are moldable for a great fit.  Keep water out of your kids’ ears (which can be painful!).
summer pool essentials for kids

A few more of our favorite pool essentials for kids…

I tried to stick to just 10 things, but here are a couple more ideas for pool fun that we love!

Fun pool stuff for kids

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