Starbucks HACK: Save 57% on Every Iced Coffee Order

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starbucks iced coffee hack

This is the real deal, folks.

No click bait here.

I have been enjoying this discount on my Starbucks Iced Coffee for years now and figured it was time to let you in on my little secret.  I save 57% on my Starbucks iced coffee.  No coupons.  Nothing shady.

Let’s briefly review Starbucks cold drink sizes, names and prices.  (Prices current as of June, 2019 in the Northeast US.)

starbucks cups lineup

Current prices for iced coffee:

Tall (12 oz) – $2.45

Grande (16 oz) – $2.75

Venti (20 oz) – $3.15

Trenta (30 oz) – $3.65

So as you can see, there really isn’t ALL that much difference in price among the sizes.  By that I mean, it’s sort of like buying a base ticket at Disney – you pay more to get that initial item and then the price goes up in smallish increments as you add on to the amount.

Most of the time, I enjoy my iced coffee at home.  I work at home.  I corral the kids at home.  Home is where I drink most of my coffee.  Keep this in mind – because this method works best if you can prep your coffee at home!

Here’s what I do:

Instead of buying one grande iced coffee for $2.75…

starbucks grande iced coffee

I buy one trenta iced coffee for $3.65.  I get the coffee black (no cream, no sugar) and WITHOUT ICE.    The without ice part is critical!  You get SO MUCH MORE COFFEE in that cup when you order it without ice.

starbucks trenta

Exactly how MUCH more coffee do you get by ordering it this way?

One trenta iced coffee without ice equals just over THREE (THREE!!!) grande iced coffees with ice!  (ie How you’d normally be ordering it from the restaurant.)

starbucks trenta and grandes

starbucks grandes

It’s incredible to really see how LITTLE coffee you are really getting when you order an iced coffee with ice.  So add your own ice when you get home – you’ll end up with a lot more coffee for your money.

One trenta without ice ($3.65) equals three grandes with ice ($8.25) which is a savings of $4.60 (57%+) over three grandes.

I love having one or two iced coffees every day in the summer.  I prefer Starbucks over any other brand because it’s brewed super strong (holds up over ice) and the flavor is good and consistent.  If I pick up 2 trentas without ice at the beginning of the week, I can typically make them last for about a week.

Those savings add up!

iced coffee

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5 thoughts on “Starbucks HACK: Save 57% on Every Iced Coffee Order”

  1. Love this idea! Let me add my little tip to it. Wihen you are a Gold Card holder you get unlimited refills on iced and brewed coffee while you’re in the shop. This is my go to method when I’m out shopping. I always forget about the Trenta size because habit! However, I always order a venti and take my favorite tumblers with me. While I’m sitting there or shopping, I just pour my coffee into my tumblers. I usually can get three to four days worth of my favorite coffee that way! It’s the best! I definitely will be upping to Trenta now though- when I remember!

  2. This is a good tip for saving some money at the Starbs :) I’m a barista, so heres an even better insider tip: Get a trenta COLD BREW with NO WATER, NO ICE and you will have even MORE iced coffee to last throughout the week!

    Regular iced coffee expires 12 hours after it’s brewed, but Cold Brew is good for 5 days after its initial 20-hour brew time.

    Additionally, when you order cold brew, we cut it with water because the coffee is super concentrated. If you get a trenta cold brew with no water, you can make that purchase last for way longer than normal iced coffee (if you cut it with water & ice once you get it home). I’d go that route for the purpose of flavor preservation if you plan on drinking the cold brew for several days.

    • AWESOME tip!! Typically I still enjoy the regular iced coffee 3-4 days after buying it, but maybe that’s bc I don’t know what I’ve been missing with cold brew! LOL Will have to try that next time – thanks!

    • I just use regular half and half, or sometimes 2% milk (or whatever milk we have in the fridge!). I use way less cream/milk in iced coffee vs. hot. For some reason it seems to go a lot farther in the cold drink than the hot!


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