Spider Donuts Halloween Treats

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These spider donuts are the perfect Halloween treat to make for your party! They are easy to make and come together in minutes. Follow the tutorial below and whip up a batch today!

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Easy Halloween Treats

Halloween is definitely one of my very favorite holidays when it comes to fun, themed treats. Check out our Halloween archive and scroll through pages and pages of simple ideas! These spider donuts are no exception.

We used store bought mini chocolate donuts and each “spider” came together in just a couple of minutes.

Spider Donuts Ingredients

Here’s what you will need to make these treats:

Spider Donut Supplies

How to Make Spider Donuts

Follow these directions to make some spider donuts!

1. Break the pretzels apart to make the spider’s “legs.” Each spider will need 8 pretzel pieces for its 8 legs.

Mini Chocolate Donuts Pretzels

2. Attach 4 pretzel legs to each side of each donut so that each donut has 8 legs.

Pretzel Pieces in donut

3. Pour the melted chocolate chips into a piping bag. (A plastic sandwich bag will work great for a piping bag, too.) Pipe 2 small dots of melted chocolate on the top of each donut. Place a candy eye on each dot of melted chocolate. (The melted chocolate acts as a glue to hold the candy eyes in place.)

Candy Eyes on Spider Donuts

Single Spider Donut TALL

That’s it!

Aren’t they perfect?

Repeat this process until you have transformed all of your mini donuts into spiders. You can definitely use other donut flavors for these spider donuts if you prefer. For example, so variety packs of mini donuts include chocolate, powdered and cinnamon. Any of these donut varieties would work well for these Halloween snacks.

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If you decide to make these spider donuts, let us know how they turn out for you. Feel free to tag us if you post a picture on social media! 


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