Snowman Veggie Tray Appetizer

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This easy snowman veggie tray appetizer is sure to be the crowning jewel of the food table at your next party! So easy to make (either at home or at the party) and budget-friendly to boot! Grab a platter and some fresh vegetables – it’s time to make an (edible) snowman!

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Snowman Treats

Oh! I LOVE a good snowman treat. There are a few of them on the blog at this point – so make sure you take a few minutes and browse them:

Snowman treats are perfect for the winter months. They can reflect the Christmas holiday, or solely reflect the winter season. Party guests will love the festive spin on an otherwise ordinary appetizer.

Creative Vegetable Platters

You can really have a lot of fun and unleash your creativity on a food platter. Create shapes or designs with various foods. Focus on a specific color theme. Whatever route you choose, have a good time with it!

A few years ago we made a veggie hummus “garden” for Easter. It got rave reviews from the fam!

A vegetable tray offers many possibilities for including a healthy option on your holiday table.

Serving Board Options for Your Platter

You can serve this platter on any kind of serving tray. Easy options include a large plate, a serving platter or a wooden board.

We love the look of a round cut tree board (pictured in our example).

The size of the board you choose will likely dictate the size of your veggie design, so keep that in mind when you decide on a platter piece.

Snowman Veggie Platter Ingredients

Gather up the following foods to create this platter:

  • 1 Cauliflower
  • 6 oz Black Olives
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper
  • 1 Carrot
  • Your Favorite Dipping Sauce (ie Ranch dressing) in a small bowl (or use multiple dipping bowls for multiple sauces/dips)
  • Crackers

Veggie Tray Ingredients

How to Assemble Christmas Veggie Tray Snowman

Follow these easy directions to create this board. Feel free to prep the veggies ahead of time and rinse and cut them the day before you plan to put the platter together.

1. Break apart the cauliflower florets and create a snowman head in the center of the tray.

Cauliflower Circle

2. Place the carrot on the cauliflower to create a nose.

Adding carrot nose

3. Cut the black olives in half.

4. Place two olive halves on the cauliflower to create eyes and then use 4 to create a mouth. They look just like the “buttons” on a traditional snowman.

Building Snowman Face Veggies

5. Now create a black hat using the black olives.

Snowman Olive Hat

6. Slice up the red pepper and create a hat ribbon and a scarf. (You could substitute small cherry tomatoes or strawberries or cranberries for the bell pepper if you’d like.) If you want to have green accents on your snowman instead of red, consider using celery or sugar snap peas or green bell pepper. For yellow accents, use yellow bell peppers.

Completed Veggie Snowman

7. Serve with crackers and your favorite dipping sauce. Fill dip bowls with ranch, blue cheese, etc.

That’s it!

We love delicious recipes like this snowman veggie platter. They are so filled with flavor and taste great.

The platters are easy to prep ahead of your party, cutting down on the total time spent on food the day of the event.

Offer toothpicks or a serving fork or tongs to guests to discourage them from directly handling if the food if you prefer.

More ideas for holiday platters:

Let me know if you end up giving this snowman dish a try! Tell me how it worked out for you. If you post a picture to social media, feel free to tag me! I would love to see your creation!


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