Easy String Cheese Snowmen Snacks

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Want the perfect winter snack to send to school that won’t take but a few minutes to assemble? Check out these adorable DIY String Cheese Snowmen snacks!  My kids LOVE when I make these for their class!

String Cheese Snowmen Snacks

Easy String Cheese Snowmen Snacks

Actual scene that took place in our house during Lily’s preschool years:

“Mom!  Next week I am FINALLLLLLLLY the Very Important Student!!!  That means I get to bring a snack for the whole class.  I want to bring something CUTE!”

Not tasty.  Not sugary.  Cute.  Uh huh.

So when I tried to think of something non-peanut (allergy in class), portable and not crazy sugary, I kept circling back to mozzarella string cheese sticks.  Easy, no food handling involved, portable.  Throw in a dash of “winter” and we were set with string cheese snowmen snacks! 

I have to be honest, this snack was totally inspired by a friend who made them for HER kid’s preschool snack last year. I just knew that I would eventually have an excuse to make these and I was not wrong!

*This post originally went up on my blog in 2012/2013 and since then I have easily sent these for snack duty 3 or 4 different times! They always get big smiles from the kids AND teachers!

String Cheese Snowmen Supplies

You will need:

  • mozzarella string cheese sticks (any brand)
  • ribbon, cut into 4-5 inch pieces (one per cheese stick)
  • top hats (I used a piece of clipart but you could also cut simple hats out of black construction paper.)
  • black Sharpie marker
  • orange Sharpie marker
  • double sided tape

How to make string cheese snowmen:

  1. Use double-sided tape to attach one top hat to the top of each string cheese stick.
  2. Next, use the black Sharpie to draw dots for the eyes, mouth and buttons.
  3. Take the orange Sharpie and draw a carrot nose.
  4. Tie a piece of ribbon around the “neck” of each snowman.
  5. Smile at the edible cuteness you just created!

snowman hat cut by silhouette

snowman cheese stick string cheese

snowman string cheese stick

Then, because my neighbors don’t think I’m weird enough, I decided to head outside to have a little photo shoot in the snow with my string cheese snowman.

snowman cheese stick on snow

Let me know how your string cheese snowman snacks turn out!  Like I said, I have now made these little cuties several times and they are always a crowd pleaser!

Transporting to school

Keep in mind that cheese sticks need to be refrigerated.  So if you are planning to send these snacks to school, you will want to send them in with some sort of ice pack/cooler bag combo.

If you are tossing them in a bag with an ice pack, I would wrap the cheese sticks in a plastic grocery bag and place that bag in the cooler bag.  This will keep the ice pack from getting any condensation on your gift tags (which would cause the ink on your super cute tags to run). I always use one of my PackIt cool bags for these!

String Cheese Snowmen Snacks


Cheese Stick Snowmen Snacks

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