SleepBuddy™ Complete Sleep System Review

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9 years ago when Lily (my oldest) was born, I remember the long nights that go hand-in-hand with having a newborn baby. The first few nights after we brought her home from the hospital were pure hell, to put it nicely. I was recovering from a c-section that came at the end of 24 hours of intense labor and experiencing pain worse that I had ever felt before. I was tired, exhausted actually, could never find a comfy position to try to sleep. The baby cried a lot. I cried a lot. Poor Bob looked like he wanted to cry a lot. He was tired too, and just wanted both of his girls to be happy and able to sleep.

If you asked me during those days, I would have told you that I was SURE and POSITIVE that there was no way having a toddler could mean less sleep than having a newborn.

Hold me.  Because I was wrong.

It’s 9 years later.  I survived the newborn phase with Lily AND Landon by the skin of my teeth. I figured once we put the sleepless nights of a brand new baby behind us, we’d be in the clear and enjoying interrupted nights of sleep! I was wrong.  Toddlers/preschoolers are basically the kings and queens of procrastination. They have every excuse and every reason (in their minds, anyway) to get out of bed, to prolong their bedtime routine, and yes, to wake up at the crack of dawn in the morning.

That last point is currently what we are really working on over here.  Landon is 4 and has a knack for springing out of bed at all hours for drinks of water or just general merriment.  While we never put restrictions on the kids getting out of bed to go to the bathroom, we have been seeking a solution to encourage Landon to say in his room (ideally, asleep) for a full night.  We had the chance to give the SleepBuddy™ Complete Sleep System a test drive over the last month and so far, it is working well for us!

Sleep Buddy Amber Light

The SleepBuddy™ System comes with the following items:

Interchangeable Light
Children’s Book
Rewards Chart
Parent’s Guide

Sleep Buddy Whats in Box

How to use the SleepBuddy™ System

There are several ways to use the SleepBuddy™ System.  The ideal age target is kids 18 months through about 4 years.  You can use this system with kids transitioning from crib to bed and also with kids (like mine) who have a habit of abandoning their room at all hours of the night.  Another popular use is to encourage kids to stay in bed during naptime.

The SleepBuddy™ System comes with a picture book that you can read to your child as you present him or her with the SleepBuddy™. There is an incentive chart with stickers to add positive reinforcement to the experience.

The SleepBuddy™ has a timer in it.  You set the timer up for the number of hours your child should be spending in bed. When the timer begins, the soft yellow light comes on (and it can be adjusted for brightness).  The light should be visible from your child’s bed. When the light is on, this signals to your child that it is still sleeping time and they should remain in their bed.  When the light goes off, it’s time to wake up and leave their bed!  Visual cues are such powerful tools and I was hopeful that this system would give Landon a hand in feeling independent while keeping him in bed a little longer/more consistently.

Sleep Buddy Timer

It has been two weeks of consistent use over here and I am pleased to report, it’s going very well!  Landon loves the SleepBuddy™ nightlight and I would say the SleepBuddy™ has encouraged him to stay put about 75% more than before we started using this system.  THAT’S FANTASTIC!!

Sleep Buddy Unit

If you are struggling with the keep-kids-in-bed routine, the SleepBuddy™ Complete Sleep System might be a great solution! They are available for purchase on Amazon.   Keep up with their latest updates and products by following them on Facebook or Twitter.

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