We Went to a Silk Scarf Making Party – Take a Look!

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silk scarf making party

Earlier this year, our family friends had the chance to check out artisan Richard Aldorasi at a local arts festival. Richard is the owner of www.createyourownsilkscarf.com and he brings his equipment and supplies to the location of your choice (Philadelphia area and surrounding suburbs) and you and your friends can make your own scarves. Last night a big group of us got together to have our own scarf making party! I had no idea how much I was going to enjoy this. It was fun to watch, they were fun to make and it was truly a “for-all-ages” event (my 6 year old daughter AND my EIGHTY-six year old great aunt made their own scarves).

The classic marbling technique that we used to produce our scarf images is called Ebru.

You need a 10 scarf minimum to host a party with Richard (so not necessarily 10 people if some are making more than 1 scarf). During their busy holiday season they have a higher minimum (I believe our mid-November party required a 20 scarf minimum). The scarves are $30 each (15×72 inches) and Richard and his helpers walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

You leave the party with your wet scarf in a ziploc bag and finish the prep at home (which he told us did NOT need to be done immediately – you have a day or two to get to it). To prep the scarves you simply dunk it in water for a quick rinse and hang it to dry. Then iron. That’s it!

I couldn’t believe how pretty the scarves ALL turned out. Every color combo, every design, not an ugly one in the whole bunch. Fun and unique! I made a couple for presents and let Lily make her own. Highly recommended!

Let me give you a look at our night in pictures and video!

Here is the general set-up – we had three stations and then two tables with lots and lots of color choices.

silk scarf making party

My Aunt Sylvia was the first out of my group to make a scarf.  She chose her colors and got to work adding them, one a time.

silk scarf making adding ink

silk scarf making party

The artists were SO helpful when it came to figuring out what colors work best with other colors.  They were also more than happy to help show you different design techniques, suggest accent colors, etc.

After she finished adding her colors, Aunt Sylvia used the stylus tool to swirl her colors into a design.

silk scarf making party

The color pulling was probably the coolest part of the whole experience.  A silk scarf is laid on top of the color design.  The design immediately makes a permanent mirror image onto the scarf!

silk scarf making pulling colors

making a silk scarf

Next up, Lily’s turn!

A quick lesson and she was on her way –

silk scarf making party

silk scarf making party

silk scarf making party

silk scarf making lily on her own

This is what Lily’s design looked like before she took the stylus tool to it.  See how it’s all unswirled looking?

silk scarf making party

She had fun swirling her own design and before her scarf was pulled she even learned how to make hearts!

silk scarf making party

silk scarf making party

silk scarf making ready for pulling

silk scarf making heart

When her design was to her liking, it was time to add the silk scarf to imprint it!  Check out this vid:

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