10 Products to Make Self-Care for Moms Crazy Easy

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Self-Care for Moms: Do you make time for self-care?

I know first-hand how easy it is to let your own self-care be brushed under the proverbial rug. Let my procrastination be your motivation to make time for your own self-care. Then take a look at these awesome products that will make self-care for moms easier than ever.

Self-Care for Moms

Can we talk about self-care?  That phrase covers an awful lot, doesn’t it?  Self-care might be a massage, spa day, or salt float.  Self-care might be that dentist appointment you have been putting off or that mammogram you have been avoiding. Self-care takes many forms and while I can’t really tell you how to prioritize its components, I can tell you that they are all important.

Today is the 16th anniversary of the day my mom died.  She was only 46 years old.  When she died (from breast cancer that was caught late and spread), I remember everyone talking about how young she was. I didn’t really get it back then because at 22 years old, 46 still sounded sort of old.  Well. I am now just a few years from that age and let me tell you: 46 might as well be the new 16.  It is young.  Way too young.

And as I creep ever closer to that age, which feels like it is flashing at me like a neon sign, I’ll freely admit it: up until a couple of years ago I completely sucked at my own self-care. It was pretty non-existent to me and nothing that I prioritized or tried to make time for. I am not a huge fan of going to the doctor (though, is anyone?  Really?) Over the last decade, my doctor trips have been minimal, except of course the many OB appointments during both pregnancies.

Then sometime a couple of years ago I found myself taking more and more time and effort to schedule these important appointments for myself.  I know that a lot of it had to do with Landon (my youngest) starting preschool.  For the first time since he was born I finally found myself with a couple of hours a couple days a week when I could get to a doctor or dentist appointment without the nightmare of finding childcare. And so I began what has turned into a long laundry list of healthcare providers, taking the time to make sure that MOM is taken care of so she has a fighting chance to living to a ripe old age, something my own mom was undeniably robbed of.

In the last few years, I have:

– Undergone genetic counseling at Fox Chance Cancer (and learned I do not have the BRAC gene mutation associated with breast cancer)
– Returned to Fox Chance for annual 3D mammograms
– Had an MRI every 2 years to screen for early detection of breast cancer (Even though I do not have the genetic mutation, I am still considered higher risk for developing breast cancer than the general population due to family history. My mom and my maternal grandmother both had breast cancer.)
– Resumed bi-annual dental check-ups
– Found a family doctor who I really really really like and have gone for yearly physicals
– Found a dermatologist and got a skin cancer screening (which led to them finding and then freezing off a PRE-CANCEROUS SPOT on my face!)
– Continue with yearly checkups at my OB/Gyn

Off the top of my head, I think that’s it. It’s quite a list and I know there is still more work to be done. But I want to encourage you to make your own list and see how many things you can cross off as you make the time to take care of yourself.  I truly know how hard it can be to put yourself first.  Though at the end of the day, my thoughts always end with: I can make the time to get the kids to all of their appointments. Why can’t I make the time to take care of MYSELF so that I can continue to TAKE CARE OF THEM?

It’s important.   Baby steps.

On that note, I took a few minutes and rounded up some great products that will make self-care for moms so super easy.  No, they won’t pick up the phone and make that doctor appointment for you.  But they will help you relax a little and feel less stressed.  And that is certainly a big part of self-care for moms (okay, actually anyone)!

Easy Essentials that Promote Self-Care for Moms

1. Self-Care: A Day and Night Reflection Journal – Sometimes just by putting your thoughts down on paper, you end up relieving stress and worry. Journaling has many positive benefits and is also a wonderful took for reflecting on gratitude and more.

2. Mini Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Add your favorite essential oil and let the natural healing of aromatherapy lower your stress levels. I have an essential oil diffuser and absolutely love it.

3. Rose Quartz Face Massager – Use this massager on your face to improve blood circulation, increase skin elasticity and more. 

4. Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub Not only will this natural scrub help to exfoliate your skin, it can also help to detoxify the body.

5. The Body Shop Facial Mask Duo Gift Set This skin mask set will pamper your skin while it draws out impurities! Skin will be left feeling moisturized and smoother.

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6. Aromatherapy Bergamot + Mandarin Shower Steamers – Drop one of these effervescent tablets in your shower and breath deeply to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits of the essential oil blends!

7. Cold Eye Mask Gel Bead Cooling Eye Mask – Use this cool mask for puffy eyes, tension headaches, or simply to help release some stress after a long day. Don’t forget to put this mask back in the freezer after each use so that it is ready for the next time you need it. This mask can also be microwaved if you prefer a heated mask.  Read the directions for heating times.

8. Organic Peaceful Mama Tea Bags – This organic tea blend will help lower stress and tension. 

9. Konjac Sponge with Activated Bamboo Charcoal – Use this super soft charcoal sponge to gently exfoliate your skin. This sponge will also cleanse pores and remove excess oil. 

10. Foot Spa with Heat, Bubbles, and Vibration – Give those aching feet a treat with this soaking massager!

self care products 2

I hope that this post gives you some inspiration and perhaps a little nudge towards making the time for some self-care for yourself.  You are worth it, you deserve it, and your own self-care is a priority!

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