Easy Rudolph Reindeer Brownies

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It’s time to hitch up the sleigh and make some of the cutest Christmas treats you ever did see! These Rudolph reindeer brownies are a quick and easy snack that will add holiday cheer to any table. Kids can help make them, they are that simple!

Rudolph Reindeer Brownies HERO

Christmas Reindeer Brownies

Okay, how seriously cute are these brownies? They can be assembled in just minutes. (We skipped the oven altogether and used store bought brownies to save even more time.)  You can bake your own brownies or pick up a pack from your local bakery. (Even boxed brownies like these Cosmic Brownies from Little Debbie would work. You will just have to stick the “antlers” a bit closer together!)

We love this kid-friendly snack and kids could assemble these reindeer brownies with little-to-no adult assistance.

This treat would also work great for school or other holiday parties as a quick and simple activity. (Edible activity, that is! What’s better?!) If your December is as busy as ours always is, you will appreciate the simplicity of this sweet treat. I have seen a few different versions of these reindeer brownies over the years. Feel free to interpret our final product however you would like!

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Ingredients for Rudolph Brownies

Rudolph Brownies Ingredients

Easy Rudolph Reindeer Brownies Tutorial

Check out the easy assembly instructions for these brownie treats. I’m not kidding when I tell you that these treats might be the easiest dessert you make this holiday season! We picked brownies that came frosted so that we had the frosting to act as the “glue” that holds the toppings.

Sidenote: if you do decide to make your own homemade brownies, I recommend topping them with chocolate frosting to give the pretzels, eyes and jelly beans something to stick to! Also, if you are going to bake your brownies, let them cool completely before you frost and decorate them.

1. Cut your brownies into squares or rectangles.

2. Place two pretzels on the top corners of each brownie (to resemble reindeer antlers).

Pretzels on rudolph brownies

3. Place two large candy eyes on the brownie, underneath the pretzel antlers.

Googly Eyes on brownies

4. All that’s left is a red candy nose! Stick one red jelly bean on each brownie for Rudolph’s red nose.

Completed Rudolph Brownies

That’s it!

You can create a whole herd of these cute reindeer brownies in just minutes! The minimal prep time will free up your schedule to work on the other to-dos on your holiday checklist.

A fun alternative to these brownies would be to use chocolate cupcakes or chocolate cookies. Follow the same directions above, just substitute chocolate frosted cupcakes/cookies instead of the brownies. Merry Christmas!

If you decide to give these sweet treats a try, let me know how they turned out! If you post a picture of them on social media, feel free to tag me. I would love to see them!


Rudolph the Reindeer Brownies PIN

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