Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas Owner’s Suite 1598 Tour

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If you are thinking about booking a Royal Caribbean cruise, you know that narrowing down your cabin type is a big decision to make! We recently sailed on Adventure of the Seas and got upgraded to an Owner’s Suite, which is the second biggest suite on that ship. Keep reading for an in-depth photo and video tour to see what stateroom 1598 offers!

Suite 1598 Youtube thumb

The Suite Life

It is amazing when you think about how many different accommodations one cruise ship can offer its guests. From the smallest of interior cabins to the grandest, most lush suites, most major cruise lines offer a variety of room types. The last cruise we went on before this was on Anthem of the Seas and we stayed in a regular balcony cabin.

We (my husband and I) have been enjoying cruise vacations for more than 2 decades now and we have stayed in all different kinds of cabins. Our first few cruises were in interior rooms, then we tried (and fell in love with) balcony cabins. Since that first cruise, we have also enjoyed two sailings in suites, both on Disney Cruise Lines. We sailed in a 1 bedroom suite on the Disney Dream and a 1 bedroom suite on the Disney Magic.

Royal Caribbean offers MANY different suite classes among its many different ships. It can be so hard to keep them straight! Royal Suite Class, Sky Class, Sky Loft Suites, Crown Loft Suites, and on and on! Adventure of the Seas is a bit smaller than some of the huge newer mega ships. It does not have the loft suites, Royal Genies, etc. The suite category list on Adventure is pretty straightforward. Ready?

Types of Suites on Adventure of the Seas

  • Junior Suite
  • Grand Suite (1 bedroom)
  • Grand Suite (2 bedrooms)
  • Owner’s Suite
  • Royal Suite

This summer we booked a junior suite on Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas. We knew that a junior suite did not come with most of the “suite” perks on Royal ships, but that was okay with us. Our main interest in the junior suite was more square footage and we would earn double points in Royal’s loyalty club, the Crown and Anchor Society.

We have never tried the RoyalUp program before (you can bid on room upgrades before you sail), so we were happy to give it a try. Lo and behold, about 2 weeks before our sail date, we got confirmation that we were upgraded to Owner’s Suite 1598.

Enjoy this tour of our lovely home-away-from-home on Adventure of the Seas!

Video tour: The video tour of this suite should be auto-playing in the video player on this post. If you don’t see it or closed it, you can refresh the page OR check it out over on YouTube.

Living room wet bar Suite 1598

Perks Included with an Owner’s Suite

  • Royal Caribbean Bathrobe for Onboard Use (Note: our cabin did not have robes. We didn’t ask for them… so I’m not sure if they would have been provided had we asked. But they were not in our room.)
  • Luxury Bathroom Amenities
  • Lavazza Espresso Machine
  • Pillowtop mattress
  • Priority boarding and departure
  • Concierge service and access to Suite Lounge
  • Priority show seating at the ship’s entertainment venues
  • Happy hour with complimentary cocktails each evening in the Suite Lounge
  • Priority Dining Reservations at Specialty Dining Restaurant(s)
  • Priority Spa Bookings
  • Priority Shore Excursion Ticketing
  • Suite Party Invitation (5+ night sailings)
  • Various VIP ship tours
  • VIP Pool Deck Seating
  • Priority Tendering (where applicable)
  • Welcome Evian and Fruit
  • Main Dining menu available for in-suite dining
  • Complimentary 24-Hour Room Service (OUR MOST USED PERK! LOL!)
  • Private breakfast seating (was at Giovanni’s on our sailing, there is no Coastal Kitchen on Adventure of the Seas)
  • Departure breakfast
  • Complimentary pressing on first formal night
  • Sign-up fee waved for luggage valet service (where applicable)

Location of Suite 1598 and Basic info

Suite 1598 on Adventure of the Seas is located on Deck 10, midship. It is on the Port (left) side of the ship. The room’s nickname is the “Fuji Suite.” (All owner’s suites on this ship are named after mountains/mountain ranges.) We liked the layout of the room and thought it flowed nicely.

The room has a marble entryway with a doorbell.

The Owner’s Suite sleeps up to 4 passengers and features a master bedroom area that has a privacy curtain that pulls across the room to separate it from the living area. The bed featured a pillowtop mattress and your choice between different luxury pillow types (soft or firm). I loved the sitting area next to the window. It was the perfect spot to read or simply watch the world sail by.

According to Royal’s website, the Owner’s Suite is 506 sq ft and the balcony is 64 sq ft.

Overall we found the room decor to be pretty tasteful and not terribly outdated. We sailed in 2022 and from what I can find, the last refurbishment for this ship was in 2018. I’m not sure what material the green countertops were made out of, but they seems to hold onto drinking glass stains from previous guests. I’m sure our room was wiped down frequently, but I hated how many drink rings remained (you can see some on the counter in the picture below).

Noise and Smoke: 2 drawbacks to this cabin for us: it is located under the smoking area on deck 11. It was not uncommon for cigar and cigarette smoke to waft down towards our balcony which I hated. Also, being under the pool and buffet deck, there’s a lot of foot traffic going over top of your room. It didn’t get too bad during the day and quieted by late night. We sleep with a white noise machine, so we were able to drown out most of the noise.

Bedroom Royal Caribbean Owners Suite

The room did not have any walk-in closets, but the sheer amount of storage space was impressive. The closets held plenty of our things and then the room had other drawers and cabinets as well. The mirrors behind the vanity had storage space and the desk had 3 drawers on each side for more storage.

Bedroom Fuji Suite Adventure of the Seas

I especially loved the giant window in the bedroom area. It was amazing to watch the view from the bed or lounge chair. The window gave us so much natural light and was the perfect place to view the scenery when the outside was too hot or cold or rainy or windy!

View from Bedroom Window Suite 1598

The window was even wonderful to have as we sailed back into port on the last day of our cruise. I was laying in bed and snapped this picture just as we sailed under the Verrazano bridge on a drizzly October morning.

Sailing under Verazzano Bridge

The Living Space

Upon entering this stateroom, you see the living room area and wet bar. The TV was on a swivel and could be viewed from the bedroom OR the living room area. The couch was a big and spacious “L” shaped couch that included a pullout double sofa bed. (With the bed pulled out, the couch had about 3 twin beds’ worth of sleeping space.) The kids had so much space to sprawl out at night. During the day, we had so much room to spread out throughout the suite.

This room does NOT have a pullman bed, and I am guessing that is why it is advertised as sleeping “up to 4.”

We had a small dining table and two (mis-matched) chairs in a little dining area.

Living Room Suite 1598

Couch changed to bed at night

Butler’s Pantry

In my video tour, I refer to this wall as the “wet bar” but I guess it’s not really a true wet bar as it does not have a sink. I watched a couple of other video tours of Royal Caribbean Owner’s Suites and this area is most commonly referred to as the butler’s pantry.

In any case, this long countertop area makes a great space for setting up drinks as a bar area, placing souvenir shopping bags when you enter the suite, or a spot for room service to leave your food delivery. On the counter we had a Lavazza espresso machine and a supply of espresso cups, as well as some Tazo tea bags.

Most evenings our cabin steward restocked our iced, though we only got one complimentary bottle of water throughout the sailing.

Wet bar Owners Suite 1598

The Bathroom

You know that a bathroom is pretty darn amazing when it is nicer than most HOTEL bathrooms you have seen.  This is a CRUISE SHIP! Some of the bathrooms we have had over the years in cruise ship cabins were like tiny closets.. but not this one.

This luxurious private bathroom was so spacious and impressive!

Main Features:

  • Toilet
  • Bidet (which everyone joked that they would use and in the end, no one did!)
  • Shower
  • Jetted whirlpool tub
  • Double sinks
  • Medicine cabinets
  • PLENTY of storage

Bathroom Owners Suite Adventure of the Seas

I did actually venture to use the bathtub one afternoon, though sadly the drain stopper didn’t seal the drain very well. It took forever to fill up even half way, so I quit after a half-soak! I was going to ask our cabin steward for a new drain stop, but we didn’t end up using the tub again and I forgot.

Despite that, the bathroom in this cabin was definitely a winner.

Jacuzzi Tub Suite 1598 royal caribbean

The Balcony

I was a little surprised that our balcony wasn’t bigger, given how big the room was… but the balcony size was the trade-off for the huge picture window out of the bedroom, which I really loved. The balcony was similar to a standard room’s balcony and big enough for the 4 of us to be outside comfortably.  Large balconies are always a nice bonus, but the size of this one wasn’t a deal breaker.

We had a table and 2 chairs, plus a lounge chair and a small side table.

Our balcony saw lots of use!

Balcony View Suite 1598

Sunset over bermuda

Suite Lounge Access

Another perk to cruising as a Royal Caribbean suite guest is that you get exclusive access to the Suite Lounge. This concierge level area is off limits to everyone else on the ship. Located on Deck 14 on our ship, you can head to the Suite Lounge and access complimentary happy hour (during posted hours each evening), concierge staff (during posted hours) and there is an espresso machine available for pretty decent lattes, espressos and macchiato drinks.

The lounge features floor to ceiling windows and you can access a small private suite sun deck from the lounge.

I’ll be honest – we didn’t use the Suite Lounge much. The main thing we used it for (the coffee drinks) fizzled by mid-week when the machine broke. (We WERE offered free beverages – well, whatever the machine could make – from the Cafe Promenade on Deck 5… but the line there was always long so we only went there once.) The vibe in the lounge was… um… a bit stuffy and quiet. LOL It was like a library in there and I was honestly afraid to talk above a whisper.

The vibe in this lounge was SO different than the 2 concierge lounges we enjoyed on Disney Ships. Those lounges were incredibly upbeat, family friendly, always something fun happening there, and we really bonded with the concierge staff throughout the sailing. So, while it was a nice perk on this RC trip, it didn’t live up to the hype for us.

Suite Lounge Entrance Adventure of the Seas

Room Drops

In addition to the perks described above, we had a couple room drops during our trip. On day one, there was a .75L bottle of Vellamo spring water waiting on the shelf and then a delivery of this rather small fruit plate was dropped off. (Yes, that’s 5 grapes. LOL)

The 2nd day, we got a plate with 4 very small pieces of cheese and 8 (yes, 8) grapes.

That’s it.

Again, the last time we sailed concierge it was on Disney and we were spoiled rotten. There were treat drops every day (like big plates of fresh baked cookies and milk), gifts left for the kids on several of the days, free cans of soda and bottled water (as much as we wanted), and the list goes on. Considering we were in one of the 2nd largest suites on the ship, it was night and day difference when comparing the two cruise lines. Now, I certainly did consider that they might have staffing shortages, etc etc, and we are far from picky travelers, so it wasn’t a dark spot on our trip at all.. just a noteworthy observation.

Fruit Plate

I hope that gives you some good info to add to your research as you try to decide what cruise and cabin to book! Make sure you take a look at some of our most popular cruise posts:


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  1. Hi Devon! We’ve sailed with Disney twice, and I’m super nervous to try a different cruise line. Especially because of the long line for coffee

    • Hi there! Great to hear from you!! I will say… coffee is available practically 24/7 via room service or the buffet. Specialty coffee however, is at the coffee shop. The reason for the long line on this ship in particular was b/c they served the specialty Starbucks coffee AT THE SAME PLACE as the free pizza/desserts! This is probably b/c the ship was pretty small and their space was limited. On bigger ships, like Anthem of the Seas, the cafe for Starbucks is a completely different shop than the pizza spot. No long lines! The biggest pull for us to try RCCL was b/c the kids were getting older and wanted more of the “adventure” type activities, which DCL sadly lacks. Let me know if you end up trying another line and what you thought!


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