I Did the Raw Generation 3 Day Juice Cleanse. Here’s What Happened.

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Are you curious about a fairly popular craze known as juice cleansing? There are so many juice options and companies to choose from these days. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I figured that if I could make it through all three days, I would report back and let you know what happened.

Raw Generation Juice Variety Pack

Why a juice cleanse?

I have been wary about a juice cleanse for weight loss purposes for years. We have all heard the claims. Touted as a miracle weight loss solution by the tabloids for years, right? I never doubted that loss was possible on a cleanse – I mean, OF COURSE you’re going to drop some pounds when all you’re consuming is liquid for days on end!

So while watching the scale drop was certainly not a bad side effect in my book by any means, that wasn’t why I decided to give it a try.

I have been conscious of the foods I am eating more and more over the last few months. By that, I mean that I have been more focused on eating whole, unprocessed foods. I realized at some point that when I eat cleaner, I simply feel better. That’s it. I just feel better.  Fewer aches and pains, fewer issues with anxiety.

I looked at the juice cleanse as a way to rid my body of many of the toxins that have no doubt been plaguing my digestive system.

Which juice cleanse?

Earlier this summer, I received some samples from Raw Generation. I have seen news features about cold pressed juices and was always curious to try it. These juices typically contain 100% raw juice from various combinations of fruits and vegetables. At first, the juice sounded a lot like the smoothies that I made at home.  I will add fruit, some ice, and then spinach or kale to really pack some nutrients in it. The thing I hate about those smoothies is how thick they are and how long it takes me to drink one. (Seriously, it takes me hours to drink one smoothie!)

Cold pressed juice is exactly what it sounds like: JUICE.  Pure and simple. Raw Generation juices are flash frozen. “Flash freezing our products locks in all the flavor, nutrients and enzymes, and lets you enjoy them whenever you want.”

Raw Generation Juice Cleanse in Freezer

Raw Generation Cold Press Juice Review

After tasting the samples that Raw Generation sent, I went ahead and ordered a case of their “Cold Pressed Juice Variety Pack.” This case can be ordered in several quantities – 18 bottles, 30 bottles or 42 bottles. For a 3-day juice cleanse, you are supposed to drink up to 6 juices a day. So if you do the math, the 18 pack will set you up nicely for the 3-day cleanse. The 30 pack would last over a 5-day cleanse and if you really felt like going hardcore, the 42 bottle pack would last over a 7 day juice cleanse.

I ordered a 30 bottle pack, even though I only set out to do a 3-day cleanse. The price per bottle dropped with the higher quantity cases, so I grabbed the bigger pack to have some extras and save some money. Also, Bob was totally eyeing up the sample juices that I received, so I figured ordering a bigger case would make me a little more willing to share some with him.

What kind of juice is included?

In the variety pack, you will receive the following juices:

  • Sweet Greens (sweet apple, spinach, kale, collards, lemon)
  • Tarte Greens (tarte apple, cucumber, spinach, celery, lemon)
  • Cool Greens (pineapple, cucumber, aloe vera)
  • Sweet Roots (sweet apple, carrot, beets, lemon)
  • Citrus Carrot (carrot, orange, ginger, lemon)

To the best of my knowledge, you CANNOT customize the variety packs (ie add more of one flavor and skip others).

Frozen juices

What did the juice taste like?

I know you probably want me to tell you either “OMG they were amazing!” or “OMG they sucked” and get on with it.  But because these juices have such specific flavor combinations, it honestly is going to come down to your personal taste preferences.

The Sweet Greens juice reminded me very very much of the “green smoothies” that I made at home sometimes.  I’ll blend some fruit and spinach or kale together with ice and get a thick shake-like drink. The Sweet Greens juice tasted exactly like one of those smoothies to me, minus the consistency.  It is truly a juice and not at all thick like a shake. I liked this drink and it seems to be a great option for getting lots of greens into your day!

Tarte Greens juice was the only one in the batch that I really did not care for. I do NOT like celery even one little bit and this drink had definite hints of celery in the taste, so I drank one of these and no more.

I loved the Cool Greens juice. This one was a light, kind of summer-y blend! Fruity with pineapple and cucumber. Very refreshing! It reminded me of a cucumber-infused water that you might enjoy while at the spa.

The Sweet Roots juice definitely has a hint of beet in the overall flavor.  I like beets, so this wasn’t a problem for me. It was a sweet drink and felt very filling.

Finally, the Citrus Carrot juice was also a sweet drink that I really enjoyed. I’m not typically a huge fan of ginger, but I did not find the ginger taste in this drink to be overwhelming. The carrots seemed to be a good combination with the ginger.

Raw Generation Cool Greens Juice

What my juice cleanse look like?

So I will tell you right off the bat: I did NOT consume only juice for 3 straight days. I know that some juice cleanse fans stick to a strict juice-only regimen for the duration of their cleanse.  But well, I probably would have eaten my own hand if I tried to do that.  I definitely got hungry throughout the day!

I drank plenty of water during the cleanse.

I kept fresh fruit and veggies on hand and snacked on those if I got ravenous in between juices. Apples, grapes, strawberries, an occasional banana, clementines, carrots, and peppers made up my supplementary food during the cleanse days. All were consumed raw.

Over the course of three days, I avoided all sugar and all carbs (aside from those in the fruit and veggies, obviously).

I drank my morning cup of coffee each day, but I did skip the cream that I typically add.

Juices consumed: Raw Generation allocates up to 6 juices per day during a juice cleanse. On the first day, I drank 6 juices.  On the 2nd and 3rd days, I only had 4 juices each day.

Thoughts, Results and Takeaways

I am very happy (and kind of a bit proud LOL) to report that I did successfully complete the entire 3-day juice cleanse from Raw Generation. There was certainly a moment at some point during the 2nd day when I wasn’t sure I’d make it to the very end. But I told myself that I could do just about anything for 3 days, so that’s just what I did!

I did not experience any negative side effects during my juice cleanse, other than some rumbles of hunger in my stomach. For that, I simply drank another juice or snacked on some fruit or vegetables.

Weight Loss: Of course I can only assume that much of my loss was water weight from a mostly-liquid diet, however I was pleased that the scale dropped 4.8 pounds from the first morning of my cleanse through the morning following my 3rd day.

I felt less bloated and just overall GOOD.

Jump Start to Healthier Eating: One of the main reasons that I was so interested in attempting the juice cleanse was because I was looking for a simple way to transition to more of a whole foods diet. I found that my guard has really dropped in recent months and I was consuming more and more processed foods. Lots of added sugar, carbs, etc were creeping their way back onto my daily menu. I can honestly say that I just feel better the cleaner I eat. Less aches and pains, fewer headaches and yes, sometimes even lower anxiety. And while I love chocolate and carbs as much as the next person, I know that they don’t really love me.

The juice cleanse was a really great way to start fresh and press restart on what I was eating.

Raw Generation Sweet Roots Juice

Raw Generation Coupon and Delivery Tips

If you want to give Raw Generation juices a try, this coupon link will get you $10 off your first order.

They do offer more drink varieties than the ones I mentioned above, so give their site a look. I want to try their immunity shots next. Those contain a blend of turmeric and ginger and help to keep your immune system up and running. Oh! Raw Generation also offers a protein cleanse. This is going to be the best choice for those of you who might be interested in a juice cleanse but who need to keep protein consumption up in order to maintain an exercise schedule. The protein cleanse includes a variety of juices and protein-packed smoothies.

I found Raw Generation’s shipping to be pretty quick. My juice arrived just 2 or 3 days after placing my order. One thing to note – their juices are flash frozen before they shipping. They arrived to me still fully frozen and the directions say to get them in the freezer ASAP. So definitely make sure that you are home when they are delivered or soon after. Open up your delivery right away and get the juices in your freezer.

Then pull the juices out as you plan to enjoy them. Juices can take up to 48 hours to thaw in the refrigerator and they need to be consumed within 24 hours of thawing.

Will I continue to drink Raw Generation Juice?

Yes, I definitely will!  I still have some in the freezer, since I bought a bigger case than my 3-day cleanse called for. I plan to drink several of these juices a week to supplement the other foods I am consuming.

Because the juices are pure, concentrated fruit and veggies, they are fairly high in natural sugars. So for that reason, I won’t be chugging them as if they are water, but I certainly plan to continue incorporating them into my weekly menu!

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? What was your experience with it? Drop me a comment and tell me about it! 

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