Rainbow Slime – Easy Craft for Kids

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Slime and rainbows! I don’t know about your kids, but this craft is the perfect combo of two of their favorite things.  Check out this easy slime craft to make rainbow colored slime! 

Rainbow Slime FEATURE

I know, I know… SLIME. While I tend to shudder whenever my kids want to make slime (which is seriously very often because this craze does not seem to be fading)… I also know that it’s a great activity to keep them busy and entertained.  Plus, science! It is definitely an educational experience, filled with measuring, mixing and learning what happens when certain substances are mixed together to cause a reaction.

Check out how easy it is to make rainbow slime.  You can use the simple slime recipe below and then you will repeat the process until you have slime in every color of the rainbow.

This rainbow slime will tie in with many holidays and party themes!  The two off the top of my head are, of course, St. Patrick’s Day and unicorns!

Rainbow Slime Supplies

Here’s what you will need to make rainbow slime:

Rainbow Slime Material

Color Cheat Sheet

How we made the six colors pictured:

  • Red – 10 drops red food coloring
  • Orange – 5 drops yellow food coloring and 3 drops red food coloring
  • Yellow – 10 drops yellow food coloring
  • Green – 10 drops green food coloring
  • Blue – 10 drops blue food coloring
  • Purple – 5 drops red food coloring and 4 drops blue food coloring

How to Make Rainbow Slime

1. You will need six bowls to make a batch of slime for each color (or you can use the same bowl and make one color batch at a time). These directions will walk you through making one batch. Repeat these directions for each color you are making.

2. Empty the glue into a bowl.

3. Add 1/4 cup warm water to the glue. If you are using individual 6 oz glue bottles, you can actually fill the bottle up about 1/3 of the way with warm water, replace the lid, and shake the bottle to combine the remaining glue with the water. Pour contents into the bowl and stir to combine the glue and water.

4. Add the baking soda to the water/glue mixture and stir to mix thoroughly.

5. Add food coloring (and glitter if you are using any) and stir it into the glue mixture.

Green Slime Mixing

6. Add the contact lens solution to the bowl and stir. If you are using glitter glue, you might need a little more contact solution than regular glue. Add this solution slowly, a little bit at a time, mixing after each addition.  You want to be careful not to add too much or you will end up with non-slimy slime (more of a rubber ball instead).

Adding Saline to Slime

7. Once the mixture starts to adhere together, remove it from the bowl. Leave any excess liquid in the bowl. This mixture will be sticky.

Finished Blue Slime

8. Knead the slime to help it form the correct consistency. The slime is ready for play when it is no longer sticky.  Repeat this process with each color that you want to make.

Rainbow Slime Finished Strips Close

Rainbow Slime Finished Strips Apart

How to Store Slime

Slime can be stored in an airtight container or in a Ziploc bag when not in use. I have seen some recommendations to store slime in the refrigerator, though we have always stored ours at room temperature without issue.

I usually let the kids keep their slime for a week or two until it “mysteriously disappears” when they are not looking.

Rainbow Slime Pile

Rainbow Slime Mixed

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  1. Lol, my kid’s slime mysteriously disappears after a couple weeks also. I thought I was the only one…. I can’t wait to make this with my kiddos. How fun!!!!

  2. I have a question – I am unclear on the amount of water. The ingredients say 1/2 cup but the directions say 1/4. Can you clarify?


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