Printable Wine Tasting Party Notes and Scorecard

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The next time you gather up friends for a wine tasting party (or head to a local winery to try some vintages), make it an extra memorable experience. Use our free printable wine tasting party notes and scorecard to keep a record of the wines you didn’t care for and the wines you loved!

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Funny story: many many years ago my friend (you know who you are!) was invited to a dinner party. At that moment in time, this friend and I were fresh out of college and not at all savvy to the world of wine. Well, I take that back. She was more savvy than I was for sure (and still is!). I didn’t even like wine and it thought it was all pretty awful tasting. Anyway. This friend found herself at a dinner party where many of the guests were a bit older (and better versed in WINE) than she was. We rolled with laughter as she told me about a “game” they played where they had mystery wines with labels hidden and they all tasted the wines and had to guess what kind they were tasting.

We thought the game was hilarious and at that point I could never imagine being about to discern a red from a white, let alone one kind of red from the next.

Fast forward 10 or 15 years and I actually love a good glass of red wine on occasion. My favorite used to be merlot but over the years I have moved on to liking a Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec the most.

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Wine Tasting Parties and Winery Events are Popular

We live in the Philadelphia Suburbs where you can throw a stone and hit a winery. (No, really! Check this out: Bucks County Wine Trail!) There are a whole bunch of wineries within about 30 minutes of our house. Much like local breweries, the wineries are a popular spot to unwind and gather with friends.

Many wineries offer wine tastings where you can enjoy a flight of several wines and try out different varieties in smaller amounts than a typical glass. This is a great way to see what you like and to try new wines!

You can also host a wine tasting party at your home!  Invite over some friends, grab a few different bottles of wine, add some food and you’re set. If you have a wine tasting party, consider making it a “mystery wine” party where you cover up the bottle labels until the end. At the end of the party, you can reveal the labels to your guests and see which bottle was the most popular.

Wine Tasting Notes and Scorecards

Check out this really fun new printable pack. It is the perfect printable to use if you are hosting your own wine tasting party OR if you are heading to a winery. This multi-page file contains a sheet for taking notes on a particular glass of wine, as well as a scorecard for ranking different wines as you try them. (There are two different formats for the scorecards – one is landscape and the other is portrait. The landscape page has 4 scorecards on it and the portrait page has 2 scorecards on it.)

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Get the printable: Printable Wine Tasting Party Notes and Scorecard

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