Printable Travel Health and Wellness Checklist

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There are many easy ways to make your travels a little safer by focusing on health and wellness before and during your trip. Check out our free printable travel health and wellness checklist and use it to plan your future trips!

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Before this year, I was always a tad on the germaphobic side of traveling. I love to traveling, as many of you know and we have logged many family trips over the years. But every single trip finds me a little wound up before we leave and a little on edge as we travel, because I worry that myself or a family member will get sick. And as much as it would stink to get sick right before a trip and have to cancel, let me tell you: being sick on a trip REALLY sucks. There’s just no other way to put it.

It’s no fun to get sick during a trip.

have been sick on trips before and it’s one of my least favorite things ever. Not only do you miss parts of the trip that you were looking forward to, but it is also miserable to be sick anywhere other than your own home/bed.

So while you can’t prevent all bugs and colds from finding their way to you, there certainly are SOME things you can do before your trip and during your trip to maintain a healthier lifestyle. These practices can help to lessen the chance of you getting sick during your trip!

Best tips for staying healthy during travel.

So clearly, given the present situation, travel health and wellness are hitting an all-time level of importance. I know that there is still so much unknown out there. I also know that travel will be back and thrive.

There are some real and actionable things that you can do before your trip and during your travels to stay in the best health possible.

Here is a handy free printable checklist that you can use to guide you through travel prep. It will help you to stock up on essentials and serve as a simple reminder to perform simple tasks (like hand washing) that can make a big difference!

Free Printable Travel Health and Wellness Checklist

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