Printable Spell Your Name ABC Exercises for Kids

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I don’t know about your kids, but mine love a good challenge. This printable Spell Your Name ABC Exercises Activity is PERFECT for any age kid, but especially the younger crowd (like preschool age). Grab our free printable below and have fun spelling names and other words while encouraging movement and physical activity!

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Why does a challenge make almost anything more fun?

I don’t know either, but I know that this is true.

Have you ever gotten your kids to do a mundane chore by betting them that they couldn’t do it faster than insert-time-limit-here? I use this one ALL the time and I am always shocked at how well it works. I can ask Landon 15 times to go brush his teeth and get nothing but grumbles in response. However, if I change my approach and yell out, “Hey Landon! I’ll bet you can’t go brush your teeth by the time by timer hits 2 minutes!” he’s off like a flash!

Get moving and have fun

This free printable is so much fun and is perfect for any kid who loves a good challenge. Not only will it get them up and moving around, but it also helps to reinforce spelling! This Spell Your Name ABC Challenge is aimed at emerging spellers, for example preschool or early elementary aged kiddos.

Get the printable: Spell Your Name ABC Exercises

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How to Play

Playing this alphabet activity is SUPER SIMPLE! Choose a word or name for your kids(s) to spell. As they spell out the word, challenge them to do the activities next to each letter. It can be helpful to spell the word or name first and write it down.

For example, if we were spelling Landon’s name, we would write the name on a piece of paper: LANDON.

Here are the corresponding activities that he would do:

L – Do 5 sit ups.
A – Do 3 frog hops.
N – Do 5 push ups.
D – Pretend to jump rope and count to 5.
O – Flap your arms like a bird 5 times.
N – Do 5 push ups.

This is a fun and easy activity to keep on hand!  It also makes a great “brain break” or boredom buster. If you give it a try, let us know how it goes! Make sure you check out our free printable collection for more fun activities! 


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