Printable Road Trip Game – 50 Conversation Starters

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The next time you find yourself on a road trip, take along our free printable road trip game! You will have 50 family friendly conversation starters to spark conversation with your travel buddies!

Road Trip Game Printables

Printable Road Trip Game

A few years ago, Lily came home with the cutest project from school.  It was a pint-sized plastic takeout container (the kind you might bring some soup or cole slaw home in) but instead of food, the container was filled with little slips of paper. Each piece of paper had a conversation starter on it.  We have spent many dinner hours passing the container around the table and answering whatever prompts our papers contained.

Last weekend we were on yet another road trip and found myself thinking about that little container filled with conversational prompts. While our family has gotten pretty good at passing time on long car rides (we love to travel!), it occurred to me that we would probably have a lot of fun with a set of these cards in the car! That set my wheels turning for a new printable and I am loving the final result!

Easy Road Trip Conversation Starters

First of all, I found these really cute magnetic tins at the Dollar Tree. (There is a similar tin on Amazon right here.) If you have any magnetic surfaces inside your car, you could stick the tin on it.  If you don’t have a magnetic surface in the car, simply toss the tin inside your glove compartment or center console.

Magnetic Tins

This “Road Trip Chat” activity is so simple to set up.

First of all, print our free Road Trip Chat token set. I recommend printing this set on white card stock to make the tokens a little bit sturdier than if you used regular printer paper.  Note: this printable is for personal use only.

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After you print your set of tokens, cut them all out. There are 50 tokens, each one has a different question or prompt. There is also one “cover” token that says “Road Trip Chat” in case you want to tape it to the cover of your tin.

Road Trip Question Cards

Place the tokens in your tin and find a good place for the tin in your car.

That’s it!  Minimal prep!

Keep the tin in your car!

The next time you find your family in the car, whether you are sitting in a long car line at school or stuck in traffic somewhere or en route to a destination a few hours away, pull out your Road Trip Chat tin and engage your kids, partner, friends, co-workers, etc in some quality conversation!  You never know – you just might learn some new things about those you are closest to!

Road Trip Game

Lily Car

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Road Trip Conversation Starter Printables

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