Printable Monthly NO SPEND CHALLENGE

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Sometimes you just need a challenge to grab some motivation. If your bank account or credit card could use some breathing room, try out this printable monthly no spend challenge and try to avoid some unnecessary spending.

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Let me tell you: our fall involved a LOT of takeout food. We were in a constant whirlwind of activity and work. On some afternoons, I was able to get a meal in the slow cooker to ensure we wouldn’t order out for food. Other nights the Instant Pot saved us from picking up the phone to the local pizza place. But on far too many evenings, we arrived home to feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

We didn’t feel like cooking or thinking about food prep in any way, shape or form. So whether it was salad or pizza or sweet and sour chicken, we exercised our credit card and our ability to pick up dinner that someone else had made.

The financial fallout from reckless spending

We knew that we weren’t happy with this pattern. It got to the point where we couldn’t even decide where to order from, because nothing sounded good. Oof.

Then it got worse when we actually sat down to work on our end-of-year paperwork, which included taking a deep dive into our financial this-and-that for the upcoming tax season.

When we totaled up how much we had actually spent at JUST the local pizza place and HOW MANY times we actually ordered, we about fell over. Dozens and dozens (and dozens) of times. We decided that we NEEDED a no spend challenge month. We are attempting to refrain from takeout for meals (especially dinner) for the entire month of January.

Reset your spending with a no spend challenge

So whether you are in a similar situation like ours and want to cut back on eating out/takeout or perhaps it’s your coffee habit, makeup buying or wine sipping… whatever it is, you can use our new printable monthly no spend challenge to rein in your splurges.

Set your goal and decide what you WON’T be spending money on… then it’s time to get started!

Get the printable: Monthly No Spend Challenge

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Good luck!


Printable Monthly NO SPEND CHALLENGE

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