Printable Homeschool Planner for Distance Learning

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Looking for an easy-to-use visual schedule to help your youngest learners stay on task? Grab our printable homeschool planner and give it a try! Perfect for distance learning. 


Kids CRAVE Schedules and Predictability

Every morning in a majority of elementary classrooms in America, teachers begin their day with a morning meeting. This meeting is a time to gather and greet each other, talk about the day ahead, discuss the weather, calendar, etc. When I was a teacher, this is how I began every single morning with my students.

Before I ever set foot in a classroom, we’re talking Education 101 in college, the biggest takeaway that I learned was how much kids not only NEED but actually CRAVE structure. You have probably observed this in your own kiddos, even outside of the school setting. Kids crave structure, as much as they argue with your rules. This need for schedules and structure gives the kids a sense of normalcy and calm, as they can predict what comes next.

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Some of us are visual learners

Isn’t that the truth? The other day I posted a printable task schedule. My kids have been using it each day to work through school and home assignments/chores.

But today’s printable is going to be a big help for the visual learners out there. This cute planner has separate blocks for different subjects.

Included in this printable set:

  • Black and white blank schedule
  • Black and white schedule with the subjects filled in
  • Color blank schedule
  • Color schedule with the subjects filled in

You will receive all of these pages in one neat and tidy PDF file. Print whichever version you’d like.

TIP: I highly suggest lamenting your schedule (I have this home laminator), or placing it inside of a clear plastic sheet protector. Then use a dry erase marker each day to fill it in, as opposed to printing a new schedule each day.

How to use this printable homeschool schedule

I suggest sitting down with your kids each morning and holding an informal morning meeting. You can have the schedule pre-filled out according to your plans and simply review it with the kids. Or (especially if your kids are a little older) you could fill out the schedule with your kids and give them a little bit of ownership over their tasks.

This is very flexible and up to you!

Get the printable

Access this printable pack: Printable Homeschool Planner for Distance Learning

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I hope this is helpful to you!  Let me know if you end up using it!

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