Printable Emergency Quarantine Supply Checklist

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What can you do when things are a little up-in-the-air? How can you act rationally, yet pro-actively? You can stay informed and you can prepare with a reasonable amount of supplies in the event that you find yourself at home for a week or two. Get our printable emergency quarantine supply checklist and round up practical supplies to have on hand.

Printable Quarantine Checklist BLOG

If there is one thing that I have learned this week, it is how quickly some people escalate from acceptable methods of preparation to irrational fear-based hoarding. Have you seen this happening in your own community? Grocery stores packed with shoppers at all hours of the day and night. People stocking up on more toilet paper and bottled water than any one family could possibly use in a year.

And of course, what happens in the aftermath of this panic-buying?  There is a real supply and demand issue. Stores end up with empty shelves and then the average person looking to do their regular weekly shopping face lots of out of stock items.

So how can you prepare for the unknown without going overboard?

You can start by having a plan. A good plan is to have 2 weeks’ worth of food and supplies, plus of course some easy boredom busters on hand.

If you have the freezer space, you can easily grab some extra meat and frozen vegetables during your regular shopping trip. You can put together a basic first aid kit and make sure that you have a couple weeks’ worth of prescription medication at home.

These are all easy, simple, low-key ways that you can plan ahead without going overboard.

Printable Emergency Quarantine Supply Checklist

I put together a handy printable checklist that you can use to work through some of the basic supplies you might want to have available.

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Again, think beyond getting sick. Think about basic supply and demand and hiccups that can happen along distribution channels. Your town might not have a single virulent germ in it… however that grocery store truck could come from a town hit hard by the illness. Workers need to stay home and trucks become delayed.  Your store isn’t stocked as it normally would be. That is a real possibility.

What’s on the list?

Food and Drink

Toiletries and First Aid

Basic Household Supplies


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