Printable Christmas Holiday Photo Bingo Challenge

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Do your kids love taking pictures of, well, anything and everything? Mine sure do! Grab this free printable Christmas holiday photo bingo and see what activities you can accomplish and photograph throughout the holiday season. If your family loves a good scavenger hunt, they are likely to enjoy this challenge!

Holiday Christmas photo bingo

What are some of your family’s favorite Christmas traditions? We have a whole lot of them but some favorites definitely stand out. Every year, we try to cram as much holiday festivity as possible between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Our latest free printable is a fun photo scavenger hunt that you can play during the holidays.

I recommend printing a copy of the game (see below) and hanging it up somewhere that your family passes by often (for example, in the kitchen on the refrigerator). A traditional bingo game calls for covering certain spaces on the game board. You can play this version however you’d like. For example, you might set out to try to accomplish every single item on the board. Or, maybe you’ll start small and aim for 4 items in a row. You choose how to play!

The idea is to snap a picture of each activity that you are completing. So at the end of the holiday season, you might have 16 fun photo bursts featuring each item on the game card.

Have fun with this!!

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Get the Christmas Holiday Photo Bingo Printable

Grab the printable here: Christmas Photo Bingo

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real color christmas photo bingo

This game would be a lot of fun to play with one of those cameras that print pictures right away (you know, like the old school Polaroids!!).

Let me know if you give this activity a try! I’d love to hear how it goes! 


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