Princess Party Snack: Princess Popcorn

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Princess Party Snack

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Time for the final installment of my princess party snacks! We’ll be enjoying quite the array of tasty (AND OH-SO-CUTE) treats tonight as Lily and I watch the Netflix Original Ever After High together. In addition to our Magic Wand Fruit Kabobs and Midnight Cupcakes, this morning I whipped up some Princess Popcorn! Bright, sweet, colorful and of course, PINK, this popcorn combines salty and sweet for the perfect dessert treat.

Just like my other two princess party snacks, this one thrives on simplicity. If you can melt chocolate, you can handle this recipe.

You will need:

:: 8 Cups popped popcorn (I make mine with my trusty whirlypop.  You could pop yours however you desire.  Microwave popcorn would work fine too.

:: 1 Cup melting chocolate (pink or you can use white like I did and add 3 drops of red or pink food coloring after melted)

:: Rainbow nonpareil sprinkles

princess popcorn ingredients

How to make:

Place your popcorn in a large bowl.  Try to remove as many unpopped kernels as possible.

Melt chocolate according to the product’s instructions.

Pour chocolate over popcorn and use a spatula to turn gently, coating the popcorn.

Dump popcorn onto a sheet of parchment paper and allow the chocolate to harden. Sprinkle generously with rainbow nonpareils.

I let mine set for about 30 minutes.

princess popcorn drying

Once the chocolate has set, break up the popcorn into smaller chunks.  Place in a bowl to serve or store in tupperware or ziploc bags.

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princess popcorn

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