Princess Party Snack: Magic Wand Fruit Kabobs

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Princess Party Snack

Magic Wand Fruit Kabobs

“Sorry, Mom, I just DON’T LIKE GRAPES!” is what Lily told me just last week. She likes so many fruits, I was trying to encourage her to give grapes (a food that she has never been keen on) another try. Nope, she wasn’t having it.

Fast forward to today: I was working on snack ideas for our Ever After High Enchanting PJ Party that I’m surprising her with one night this week. I whipped up a couple of “magic wand fruit kabobs” and presented one to her for snack. As you might imagine, her eyes instantly widened into excited saucers. “FOR ME?! It’s sooooooooooo PRETTYYYYYY!!!!” I smiled, handed it to her, and said, “You’re right – it is pretty! I hope you’ll try ALL of the ingredients.”

And you know what? She did.

And you know what? She liked them.

MWAHAHAHA!! Sometimes, it’s all about the presentation, no?

Here’s how to make these sweet treats for your little princess(es)!

You will need:

Rice Krispies Treats cut into stars with cookie cutters
Grapes, whole
Strawberries, rinsed/hulled/halved
Wooden skewers

magic wand fruit kabobs ingredients

How to make:

Skewer 2 grapes, 1 strawberry, 2 grapes (you can of course vary this pattern any way you choose!)
Top with a Rice Krispie Treat star
Hand to a little princess

So simple but so cute!

magic wand fruit kabobs assembled

magic wand fruit kabobs

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