Pot O’ Gold Punch – DIY St. Patrick’s Day Drink

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Looking for a quick and easy St. Patrick’s Day Drink? Try this non-alcoholic green fizzy drink – it’s just clear soda with some coloring, topped with some fun accents!

Pot O Gold Punch

As you gather your Leprechaun Bait to set your leprechaun traps… and you get ready to feast on some Leprechaun Cookies… don’t forget about a drink!  We’re calling this St. Patrick’s Day Drink “Pot O’ Gold Punch.” It’s so easy to make AND looks pretty awesome.

St. Patrick’s Day Drink Ingredients:

Clear soda
Green food coloring
Reddi Whip
Wilton Gold Color Mist
Airheads Xtremes

Rainbow Shake Ingredients

How to make St. Patrick’s Day Drink: 

Fill a glass with clear soda.

Add 1-2 drops of green food coloring.

Food Coloring to Soda

Green Food Coloring

Green Soda

Next I added some Reddi Whip.  Then I gave it a spray with the Color Mist.  I purposely made sure to get some spray on the mug as well!

Reddi Whip

Reddi Whip on Drink

Gold Reddi Whip

The weight of the Color Mist will make the Reddi Whip sink a little.  I topped with some fresh Reddi Whip and then add an Airheads Xtremes piece on top! You could also pick up some gold edible glitter and sprinkle that on top of the Reddi Whip.

The final result is a total leprechaun-approved beverage that will make your kiddos smile!

Sometimes I use this same topping on hot chocolate (during winters that are especially cold) and that’s always a crowd pleaser as well.

Rainbow Shamrock Drink

Shamrock Rainbow Drink

Let me know if you give this drink a try!  If you want to skip the soda and food coloring, you could really just any drink you want and add the fun toppings – whipped topping, rainbow candy and gold color mist.  It’s up to you!

My kids love when I let them help make fun seasonal treats and drinks like this one. You could easily set these drinks up as a DIY beverage bar at your party. Get creative and see what other ideas you can come up with.


Pot O Gold Punch DIY Drink

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  1. Made these for a St. Patrick’s day party and they came out great. It actually was a hit! Instead of gold mist, I used gold sugar. Thank you for sharing this recipe!


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